Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Year 2011

Haven’t been blogging for a long long time. I guessed, there aren’t many people who actually reads my blog, rather this blog captures all the past moments and my future aspiration.

Let's see, what happened in year 2011

- Broke up with my bf of 4 years. It was heart breaking and I always wonder if I would regret in future but what's done is done, it was a wonderful 4 years. No regrets as he brought out the best in me and I am who I am cause of him. However, knowing my competitive nature and go-getter, I need to get out the comfy and chilling zone. I need a guy who would push and spur me further. He was my best friend and it was the hardest decision ever.

Then: The funny guy

- Met an investor friend, turned business partner and lover. We are so similar in so many ways. Both are equally bad at housework, bad at roads/directions, hate durians, love business and investment. We can talk hours on property investment and our usual date revolves around meeting business partners, attending seminar or property launches. Our weekends are usually packed. In a way, I am glad I met him. He redefines the focus of my life, the only guy who always tries to challenge me, but still lose nevertheless. :D

Now: The serious guy

- Started Alpha Marketing Singapore

-  Ventured into event management (Mini scale private function)

-  Cousin Sam and best buddies Chan & Kamz got married

- Volunteered in a few charitable organisation, Rotaract and Junior Achivement

Merce Fund Raising Campaign @ Orchard Road

- Appeared on Singapore Business Times, Malaysia News Straits Times, Singapore Channel News AsiaOne and Ho Chin Soon book 5.

- Went to see Mickey Mouse and Stanley Ho

- Bought a car in Singapore on my own.

- Added 2 more props into my portfolio.

Well, I guessed, thats pretty much about it for year 2011.

As for 2012, I am looking forward to a greater year ahead! Hopefully could add one Singapore property to my portfolio and I am done for the year.

Happy CNY ppl.


ryankhoo82 said...

Thank you dear for a wonderful 2011. When I found you I thanked the gods and since then you've given me inspiration, hope, humour and a passion for life that only you could create. And the love and care made me as happy as any man could be. And I fell in love and love you unconditionally.

As 2012 comes along, I'll admit that I'm scared. Scared shitless. But happy. Shitless happy. We have so many hopes and aspirations I wonder sometimes if we put too much on the plate. But with you by my side, I know we'll find a way to achieve it and surpass our wildest expectations. And I'll willingly go through hell and back again in this lifetime or the next to do it with you. I don't know what the future holds, but right now I'm taking it one day at a time, step by step in our goals and savour every moment spent with you.

Don't know when you will read this, don't know if you ever will. I watch you asleep now by side, and I thank the gods again...

With love


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