Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summary of Q1-2010

As usual, I have been very busy with work. Am still doing the same thing, leading the same engagement and working in the same company. But I did improve a lot on other things over these couple of months. I start going to church every sunday, pick up golf again (and signed up with a coach as well), go gym at least once a week, continue with my property search, start playing stocks (pray that I wont get burnt!) and been meeting a lot of great people online (real estate, stock investors etc) who are so keen to share their knowledge with me. I guess this is a good sign of a great year.

Will be heading back to Kajang this coming Thursday to view a few properties, after a thorough research, I have narrowed down to 2 areas, Bukit Jalil - Vista Komanwel and Mont Kiara - Vista Kiara. MK will be my later target, perhaps end of this year, unless a good auction deal comes along. I just hope the deal goes well this time!