Saturday, January 31, 2009



Hell No! Hahaha...

Alec has been away for a week and initially I thought I would miss him terribly (Imagine doing my own laundry, cooking and going home alone).

But wait a minute, 3 days being home alone, I actually treasure the freedom and space in the house.

I can sleep peacefully at 11pm, wake up on time, wash lesser clothes, make my own bed, come back to a cleaner room and noone to nag at me while i work late.

Wow... hahhahah

Alec is so going to murder me.

Okay la, I still miss You!

Miss your maggi goreng.

Anyways, I trully enjoyed my CNY this year, though a little too bit rush, but it is all worthwhile.

The three Kingston's Angel

The soon to be auditor/accountant and the real auditor :P

The Lows

My Family

Cousin Sisters

Friday, January 23, 2009


What is your priority in life?

Try ask Alec what is my priority in life and I can almost 100% guarantee you he would say


Why? I'll give you a few reasons to substantiate his answer.

1. He treated me to a paid holiday to Macau but we have to call it off last minute cause I have to work. (Flight tickets paid)

2. He celebrated his birthday alone cause I have to work (past midnight).

3. He has to stay back alone during CNY in KL whereas I fly back on the third day of CNY cause I have to work.

4. I missed my grandpa's 80th birthday bash at KLCC cause I have to work.

5. He has to do all the housework himself cause I have to work.

6. He has stay up late at night to fetch me cause I have to work.

7. He has to wait 30 mins all the time cause I have to work.

Am I a workaholic?

No, I am just being realistic about my priority.

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Second Home

My parents and sister havent got the chance to see my new room, so this post is for them and for all the BUSY KAYPOH ppl, friends or strangers that read my blog.

P/S: Kamz, I know you read my blog miles away from Mongolia... :P.


Workout corner - skiing machine, exercise ball, holla hoop, golf set, dumb bell.


This set is not mine, belongs to my housemate, mine is in the store room, under utilised though the driving range is just 10 mins from my house -_-, lazy ppl a lot of excuses.


Living room

Now step into my humble room...



I know the bed's headrest looks ugly..


My study/working table


The casual/entertainment desk


I love my curtain!


The little corner where we put all the clothes, mags or newspaper.

The corner where i keep my thrash

The view from my house.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


I grew up in a medium class family where my parents hardly pamper us with branded stuff, my very first Coach bag was a gift from my uncle and from that moment, I was introduced into the world of high-end bags and seriously, they are highly addictive.

Being in Singapore for just 1.5 years, my collection grew from ONE Coach bag, to three coach bags, one Coach wristlet, one burberry wristlet, one blue label burberry reversible tote, guess wallets (okay la, this not so atas, gave to mum subsequently cause dont like to use long wallet)and now am aiming to get a gucci wristlet.

OMG, before I came to this city of lion, I used to think who the hell would spend so much on bags! Never I know that I would become one.

Apart from branded bags, am also infected by the highly contagious habit of impulsive shopping. I USED to save a lot during my college time, a damn cheapskate girl but crap, now I used more than I save! My first year of working in KL, i spent RM12k on my plastic card!! crap, once I came here, I cut off my card immediately for I know I will keep using it!

And guess what, I bought these yesterday.... just for fun (Okay la.. Alec's sharing with me but I havent pay him back hahahah)...

played with it yesterday and this morning... kinda ichy... result?? hmm let me re-measure my waist one month later.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Building a foundation

What made of a solid building?

A good foundation!

What made of a successful person?

A good upbringing, a passion and a thirst for success!

My class has just started, now, it is back to juggling work, studies, family and my precious relationship.

Draining me everyday and even weekends are not spared! But i am not complaining, I am building a foundation, a good foundation that requires the correct material, the right people and a focus mind.

Wont be updating anytime soon, peak's hitting everyone and with CNY around the corner.. this is gonna be a roller goster ride!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Alec!

As above.

Happy 27th Birthday!

P/S: You are getting older!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Singapore is such a great place to be in!

Why so?

Cause people here are just so honest and kind!

Last night, Alec parked his bike opposite Cineplex and since we were pretty late for our dinner appointment with Lee Yen, both of us never bother to see if we left anything on the bike.

The buffet spread at Sakura International was okay, considering the fact the price was just $32 per pax including tax. Though I did expect more of a variety.

After the sumptuous dinner, Sandy called and asked us to meet her in City Hall. Since it was already past 10, Alec has got to change his parking ticket.

Alec dig his pocket, not there, deeper, nope, not there, another pocket, NOT THERE. Then a suddenly we realised that, CRAP! we've lost the bike's key!

Frantically, we looked around the restaurant, the pathway, around the bike even asking some of the policemen around.

No Luck.

It was New Year's eve and tomorrow's a holiday, how on earth can we get a locksmith?

I was very pissed at Alec at that point, my Christmas eve was spoilt due to system breakdown at the airport now this nonsense came up.

I know it was no fault of his but Melissa is a meanie bitch when someone screws her plan. Since, nothing can be done, we went ahead to see fireworks at esplanade, but my anger was nonetheless still boiling.

After the fireworks, I really had no mood to party and we went back to Orchard to check on the bike, hoping a miracle would happen.

And guess what? It did!

Some GOOD SAMARITAN actually found the key and clipped it around the handle.

Such joy! I thought it was a bad omen to have lost something to welcome the new year but guessed the bad luck was in 2008 and 2009 saved the day!

To whoever you are,


You have just saved a relationship :P.

P/S: I have a share in that bike too, hence was anxious and worried.

P/S/S: Both of this ladies are my best buddies.

Sandy in formal, Me & Lee Yen in casual