Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keep moving forward

I am moving forward. As the day draws closer, the excitement of leaving audit dawns on me. I bade farewell to one of my client today, giving them a firm hand shake and a wide smile while they congratulate and wished me luck in my new venture. It is funny that at times I hate dragging my sorry a$$ to work early in the morning to only be back middle of the night, but yet sometimes I enjoy what I am doing.

Audit was never my choice of career, and I went in out of desperation (and peer pressure!). I sufferred nevertheless but it was a great learning experience. So much tears were shed and lost sleep over review points and deadlines, but I guessed those are parts and parcels of audit. Despite my roller coaster ride, I can safely say that audit was a great learning point. I carry myself proudly being an auditor, especially a senior of an audit engagement. But the baton has to be passed on to those who deserve to lead.

I shall miss audit, but I am looking forward to far greater challenges ahead of me!

Where am I heading to? Haha.. to a happy land :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vista Kiara - Mont Kiara

Waiting for my S&P and this babe here will be officially mine :)