Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I think being an attention seeker runs in the family... ahem ahem... firstly, let me introduced myself, Melissa.

Am a lecturer's pet back in university's time, seriously I can score good marks just being attentive in class. My group assignment and individual's assignment are always the "Sample" of good assignment, cause the four of us, are ahem.. ahem.. 4.0 student.. so ahem ahem.. what is so hard getting an A for an assignment? there I go again.. anyways..

Secondly, Michelle, My second sister... similar to myself, she is also The Star Scholar and currently also holding CGPA 4.0. Soon to be account & finance graduate (in 2 years time). Also a lecturer's pet in university :)

My youngest sister, Madeline is a very rebellious and hot-blooded teenage girl. She is obsessed with branded and expensive items and only uses the best and eats the best. Being the youngest, she has almost everything a 16 years old girl can demand for. EXCEPT A BF, which my mum has ultimate veto power to allow or deny :).

To talk a bout my yioungest sister, I can go on and on... anyways... She has again made me proud by setting up her own cheer team and managed to convince the school to let it compete in the upcoming cheer 2008 and I have booked my next ticket home just to see her perform.

Click here

Her team's name is X-PLODETES, she is the center girl doing the split... looks alike eh? Of course! Sisters what...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mid Year Reflection.

Unbelievable but true.

Welcome to the Mid of year 2008!

It is almost a year now being in Singapore. Let me see, what have I achieved so far in 2007/2008?

Year 2007, I was promoted then I resigned and then I start fresh again.

Year 2008, I am soon to be promoted (Already got the promotion offer) again to the same position I was in when I was back in Msia. How ironic yeah? To be promoted twice to the same position. But it was all worthwhile after all, consider the fact I have learned so much being a junior again.

Being totally independent, which was unachievable back in KL cause imam mama and papa’s big big apple.. cause ever since I don that corporate suit.. woo hoo.. Melissa is exempted from doing housework.. hahaha… reserved for my hou Ji Mui to do…
Secondly, cut my bloody money sucking card (Credit Card) along with my 12,000 points (I din claim the point before I cancelled it, just plain dumbo cause I was in hurry to cancel it). 1 point = RM1… oh my freaking gawsh…. I spend total RM12,000 in a year… now you know why I am so broke ALL THE TIME.

Learned to cook, failed several time and succeeded a couple of time…(I cook like what… once in 2 months?). Don’t blame me man.. I am not born to cook, I am born to study and work. If you want to compare how delicious my dishes are, I can serve it on my numerous certificates that I have and you will be awe with the As’ instead of the bland taste! (Someone says blowing own trumpet’s sound stupid, I say, you don’t blow cause you don’t have one).

Several praises from my clients and seniors. Due to confidentiality of my work, no further elaboration is allowed otherwise my career is in jeopardy.

Handling stress and time management. I have successfully avoiding going on MSN and sub-contracted my side business to my partner in crime, Alec. I suspect my side business venture has been taking much of my time, as much as MSN does, so from now onwards, I will only MSN when I have the time to.

Time is ticking, I am already 23 this year. I think the clock is ticking very fast so fast that when I fill in any application I would just write 21 years old instead of 23 (Cause I simply believe I am still 21... ah.. the year I just graduated).

When you started working (especially in stressful Corporate environment, NOT THOSE 9-5 job), you will realized you grew so much older than your age. Thankfully I still don’t have any wrinkles… maybe not yet.. soon will if I keep blogging so late!

Anyways, just finished my work at this ungodly hour, thus this late entry… sooooo tired…brain dead… training’s tomorrow…

Sunday, June 15, 2008

House Moving is Tiring!

Finally my room is ready but due to budget constraints, I failed to decorate it Ikea-style. Sad sad.. Plus with no car to move around seriously put me off from buying bulky furnitures. Afraid may need to move again since my current room has no aircond and now I have 2 fans and one air cooler blasting at me when I sleep.

The place is quite okay, but the flooring suck to the max. Judge for yourself...


Who the hell choose such flooring lar? Its sooo fugly but I have to live with it. And worst is, the owner doesnt allow any nailing to the walls and I can't put on any curtain to the window... something is wrong with the owner (Owner does not stay in). Hmm.. he must be staying on the opposite side of the flat to peek me when I change!

Am only going to show parts of my room cause the other part are too fugly to be shown. All furniture bought from Ikea cause it is the CHEAPEST and EASIEST alternative.

Swivel Chair & Table top with stand (SGD45 & SGD30)

Antonius Drawer (Frame & Drawer are sold separately) (SGD27)

Sniglar Wardrobe (SGD59)

Wall Mirror (SGD9.90)

Laundry Basket (SGD15)

Kullen Drawer (SGD45)

Notice the empty slot at the last drawer?

Thanks to Smartalec lar…

Not even a day’s old spoilt my things ady.

Table Lamp from my father’s shop & Coffee Table (Owner’s)

My bed is just a piece of mattress and am still looking around to get best deal bed, any recommendation?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Return of the BASTARD Sword

Was watching Deal or No Deal on NTV7 online and came acrossed this title.

What kind of title is this?? Click to enlarge.

Now... spot me among these cheerleaders..


Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fake Coach Alert

Fake Coach Alert.

They claimed to be authentic but if you are a Coach fan, you will know what is wrong with the bags, they are soooo fake even my dog can sniff the fakeness from this website.

Get the real thing from here.

Lui Cha - Thunder Tea Rice

Ingredients: Long beans, anchovies, tofu, peanuts and lotsa-lotsa greens not forgetting rice (use brown rice for healthier meal).

This dish was introduced by my maternal granny (miss you granny!) to my family. Boy, the first time I ate it, I almost puke! Am not a really green lover (that time), so imagine my horror when I see sooooooo much of greens in my bowl and the hideous green-chlorophyll-tasted soup.


Sooner, later my mum cook it soooo often, I have no choice but force all the greens down my throat. Surprisingly, the more I eat it, the more I like it, perhaps I like the fact that I’ll go the loo after each bowl.


A great way to improve digestion and prevent constipation.


A great way to diet too :)

Fat Fat Fat

Sei lor, Die lor, Mati lor… I am freaking 49KG! My waist went up to freaking 27”.


Oh crap.. time to go on SUPER DIET!

Time to take up taekwondo again


…I am super good with my ass-kicking technique! Don’t believe me? See my super medal…


Okay la, Not all medals relate to Taekwondo, most of it are from Chess, others from Drama, Story Telling, Quizzes and Running Relays.

Now, don’t you think I am an all-rounder? :P (Oh yeah… even my face is getting rounder…crap)

Just another boring entry- My Kind of Guy.

People who know me would definitely know what kind of guy I like, those who don’t, not to worry, am going to blog about it.

Materialistic is my middle name, I confess that I will never date a guy who earns less than me. Apart from that, he must, read MUST, COMPULSORY to be a graduate or degree holder. If he is not, then he better be extremely rich and as smart as Einstein to even consider dating me :P.

Secondly, he must be a PROFESSIONAL. I’ve dated trainee Doctor, Lawyer, Consultant and Engineer. So far, Engineer fared the best of course.

Third, he must be well-mannered, well spoken and well-liked by my family member. He has to love DOGS and bear with the overpowering dog’s stench :P.

Fourth, he has to know road exceptionally well. I am bad with roads.

Fifth, he doesn’t mind a gf who doesn’t cook, doesn’t wash, doesn’t iron and doesn’t do
housework, cause I have a demanding career.

Sixth, he has to bear with my mood swing and endless complaints and nagging.

Seventh, to be added as and when I think fits.

Sigh.. I'm bored.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Petrol up 78cent. RM2.70 after midnight.








**The reason of the increase? Cause Pak Alahai knows he is going to step down soon, so he just wants to add misery to the nation, sort of like NAH AMBIK KAU!**

I so miss Singapore...6 more days honey, I'll be back in your warm arms...Singapore... Land with no DISCRIMINATION & BRIBE...


5 more days to go before kissing my P1-Corporate Governance paper good bye.
Sooo not in the mood to study right now but not keen to strike a conversation with anyone on msn. Been away from msn lately cause:

1. The smart IT dept disabled my msn function and set some firewall against downloading MSN Live from the net. So, I have to bear with the dysfunctional and no-picture-display

2. No one worth talking to.

3. Too many perverts added me online (I accepted cause I thought they might be my potential customer-COACH BUSINESS! What were you thinking?).

I have this habit of writing down things I’d like to do after each examination. For this round, I would want or have to:

1. Hug Alec (I miss him sooooo much! Just 1 week apart and I am missing him heaps, why? CAUSE MY MSIA FRIENDS DON’T WANT TO FRIEND ME, ASK YAMCHA ALSO DON’T WANT TO LAYAN ME … sob sob)

2. Ask him to drive me to Mid Valley to see my college friends. (I super miss them too and I HATE DRIVING IN MSIA!)

3. Go back Singapore and clear all my review points and outstanding work.

4. Go gym with my colleagues (Oh Planet Fitness, finally I can meet you!).

5. Probably enroll in some Golf Class*.

6. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Am 47kg now.. crap! Wanna down to 45kg, not too much cause I am a frequent blood donor, can’t donate once hit below 45kg.

7. Probably pick up taekwondo again*.

8. Probably pick up hip-hop class*.

9. DECORATE MY NEW ROOM! Oh yeah, I have just moved to Yio Chu Kang and much bigger room with exorbitant rental SGD700. *Cut-throat*. No air-cond some more but what's important is NO LAND-LORD and the room is big! More reason to shop. So excited!

*Probably means… probably, maybe yes, maybe no, just maybe maybe.

Things I wish to do by end of this year:

1. Buy a property. If below RM150k, might be doing it solo, if anything more, might be asking Alec to chip in.

2. Slim down to 45kg and trim the chubby tummy.

3. Save, save, save.

4. Try not to be too fierce/strict/cruel with Alec :P. Learn to say, Yes My Dear, instead of NO, DON’T WANT, HAIH, I WANT TO WORK AH!.

5. Try not think of work/work on weekends (Damn hard lor I tell you).

Things I have done just 1 hour ago:

1. Read some random ppl’s blog.

2. Created a Facebook, cause William has been asking me, still no facebook ah? Seriously. What’s with the ho-ha? Okay, I have one.. now what?

3. Flipped my notes and saying to myself, read ady, read ady, skip skip skip, flip, flip, flip.

4. Talked to Alec-san, telling him how to get to UCSI on Monday to pick me up. Whoo hoo.. first time Alec doesn’t know how to get a place. He is soo blardy good with roads lor, even Singapore map pun dah hafal.

Shit, realized I blogged like a Singaporean, with all the lor and lahs….Nuff said, books again.

Monday, June 2, 2008



I’ve been living in this house for about 8 years before moving to my current place in Kajang Prima 5 years ago. My parents decided to put it on sale since we are pretty tight these days, plus, the rental income wasn’t helping much, merely RM400 for a 3rooms single storey house. Bet this kind of house can easily fetch thousands of dollars if it is in Singapore.


The interior of the house is in a terrible condition, blame it on the previous tenant who doesn’t give a damn in maintaining the house. Looking at the house, I felt nostalgic and realized, the house is so small. 20 x 60. My dad said, “Cause you are all grow up now”.


I’ve grown up.

Last Friday, had a small gathering with KamZ, Chan, King, Shaz, Ej, Wei Nee and Neo.


(Those who came)


(Kamzy, being herself)

Yes, Neo Came. Surprise leh… (BUT, SHE WENT BACK BEFORE WE CAN EVEN SNAP A PICTURE OF HER, SO YES, NEO IS NOT IN THE PICTURE). After the dinner, went over to Kamz’s condo, just about 10 mins drive from One U. Her place looks very nice and the furnishing is pretty clean and simple, BUT the fiery bright orange paint on the wall is a lil’ too bright. (No offence Kamzy!).

Felt happy for her and yet envy. She is the first among the NFBians to get a house. Wonder when is mine?

If only I don’t have to support my family and my sisters. No one said being the eldest is easy. I have to be the leader, decision maker and the role model for my sister to look up for, the pillar of support to my parents.

Sometimes I wonder, why aren’t my family well-off, why can’t they be someone so filthy rich that I can decide which University I can go to. That I can decide what car I can drive, what course I can study, what classes I can go for and what house I buy for myself without worrying is there enought for the family.


In my life, options are rare and limited. Beggars can’t be chooser. Take it or leave it.

Things that I could have done when I was younger if financial is not a concern:

1. Finish up my piano lesson.
Piano lesson is very expensive, and sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to ask my parents for money so I stopped after 6 months (3rd grade).

2. Black belt (Taekwondo).
I was self-sponsoring my piano lesson and taekwondo lesson through my tuition income but the grading fee was getting a bit too high and the black belt uniform needs to be custom made. So I stopped at Red 2 (Brown 2). Just one level to black.

3. Study oversea
UK or Australia would definitely be my choice of destination.

4. Attend lots and lots of tuition.
I know this sound a bit strange but I only attended tuition when I was 16 years old. Thankfully I scored straight As for UPSR & PMR. But I could have done it better if I took a lot more for my SPM! Just out by ONE FREAKING A! Guess, that’s the reason I didn’t get an oversea scholarship. Or maybe cause I didn’t even applied for one. I think should be the latter.

Despite all that, to think about it, hardship taught me a great deal of things as well. I don’t take money for granted and learnt be a resourceful person and not some spoilt brat who parties their life away.


1. Scholarship.
Fully sponsored by The Star, my parents saved RM60k to 80k for my education.


(Chessgal on stage, delivering her speech during convo)


(Chessgal's name engraved on Hall of Fame)

2. Valedictorian.
Crap, I love to boost that I was the Valedictorian of Nilai College. NOT EVERYONE HAS THE PRIVILEGE OKAY!


(CGPA 4.0 Okay, no photoshop involved! Zoom in if you want to)


(First Class Okay)

3. CGPA 4.0
Now tell me, who gets CGPA 4.0 before?? Well! There are only 3 in Nilai College Convo 2006.

4. Working oversea.
I know, I know, Singapore is NOT OVERSEA, but hell la, I consider that as OVERSEA though just over a small lil’ straits of Tebrau. I know I can’t study abroad but I surely will work abroad. Will be planning for UK right after I am done with ACCA.


(SmartAlec & Chessgal-Stop machoing la Alec)

5. Loving Boy-friend.
Yes I was an UGLY ducking before but, see I have a CUN boyfriend who loves me to pieces and mieces. Who bought me Coach & Burberry Bags, You got or not?? Don’t have leh.


(Chessgal in The Star while working in Ernst & Young, Msia)

6. Working in Big 4.
Okay, nothing to shout about. NOTHING. Just a high class slave, that's all.

So, God is fair. He gives you some and takes some from you. He took wealth from my family but gives back knowledge, loves and warmth to my family.

Okay nuff of ramblings, time for me to hit the books.