Saturday, July 23, 2011

Featured in Malaysia New Straits Times Property

Patrick of Patchay.Com and myself were interviewed by Nicholas Leong from NST Property few weeks back. It was a casual chit chat rather than a serious interview.

The content are more or less repetitive of my Business Times feature, but any publicity is good for business.

There is another developer launch coming up, price is relatively affordable. Please go to for updates on the deals. You can also sign up as member to get access to the articles.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


After 2 weeks, I am still featured on ;)

I went back to KL yesterday (reached Kajang at 2am), thanks to the coach's delay (NICE owned by Plusliner Sdn Bhd - suppose to depart at 7.15pm but bus only arrived at 8.30pm) and horrendous jam at the causeway! It is pure common sense that Friday night has the most traffic that commutes between Singapore and Malaysia, yet our dear Immigration Department thinks one lane of immigration clerance is enough to cater for the masses of migration!

The traffic was very smooth from the bus terminal to Singapore immigration, but once we reached JB soil, I can see dozen buses ahead of mine! And the implementation of biometric scanning for foreigner adds to the anguish of travellers.

Sometimes I cannot comprehend why on earth we have idiots sitting at the driver's seat (as in governing our country).

Implementation of unnecessary system at untimely hour! It took me 3 precious hours just to cross the border!

On surface, the government of Malaysia seems to be welcoming Singaporean but I have no freaking idea, why did they introduce biometric scanning! Besides, system breakdown in Malaysia is a norm, Why can't they just CHOP, CHOP like every other country? The hassle of this would be detrimental to the development of Iskandar Malaysia. Iskandar Malaysia cannot take off without foreign money pouring in, in particularly Singaporean money.

Malaysia Government loves to come out with new unnecessary project and initiative that cost a bomb but adds NO VALUE to the Raykat, it is very apparent it is a stance to suck out more taxpayer's money. No country is perfect and free from corruption but can YOU please implement something that at least benefits the Rakyat like a

1) MRT vs 100 storey warisan merdeka.
2) Scholarship to those in need vs 1.8m Facebook project
3) Increase civil servant salary (so that they don't corrupt) vs 1Msia email project.

I don't mind corruption if things are done properly, but the crappy thing about Malaysia government is that, they award projects to Tom, Dick and Harry with a bt or bte at the back, blow the budget and yet deliver shoddy work. If you want to protect your bumiputeras, I do not mind, at least train them to deliver better quality and service.

And please, can you start work on the bullet train between Singapore and Malaysia already? I don't care who gets the tender, just make sure they get it done properly and don't cut corners.