Friday, December 24, 2010

Summary of Q4-2010

As the year is coming to its glorious end, I shall recapped what I have managed to achieved this year. First and foremost as I have proudly declared over and over again on my blog is my very first major purchase. VK!

The very first time I wrote multiple cheques with 5 digits on it (downpayment, legal fee, renovation & furnishings), the very first time I screw my lawyer upside down and came to realised that lawyer afterall isnt that smart, not even if they speak the best Queen's English nor they sat for the toughest exams around. And, a lot investors too concurred with my findings, sigh, pathetic. Most importantly, the very first time being a landlord =D.

Aside from investment, I have left audit and joined my client, Ikea (yes, yes, meatball) for a finance role. I still remember 2 years ago, I was sent to audit ikea temporarily, it wasnt even in my portfolio. My then client (turned colleagues) were very nice and friendly, documents were given promptly and the environment was really good. Nice workstation, nice culture and I jokingly asked if they are looking for people for any role. Promptly after the engagement ended, I requested to be on the ikea audit permanently, and I have to keep reminding my manager to book me on her job. Well, and two years later, they have a vacancy and asked if I would love to join them, I was hesistant at first due to conflict of interest but got the green light from my audit partner to go after a grace period.

Networking wise, I have made lotsa investors friend from PMC and on facebook. It is great to have so many generous investors who dont mind to give you a few pointers on investment. But there are also the stingy ones that keep asking but refused to share their focus area and a few noobies that ask ridiculous question which is easily found online. I usually ignore those ppl, not that I am snobbish but clearly, you have no idea what you are getting into without enough research, how could you be a property investor when you don't know the different between freehold and leasehold?

Relationship wise, what relationship? I am free as an eagle! :P (I am so going to be murdered ;D). The other day, mum just told me so and so is getting married and so and so gave birth while I was busy surfing the net, and the obvious reply would be 'Oh, okay' right. The next thing you've guessed it, she asked me when is my turn. I turned around and looked at her, nonchantly I said, after I have 5 properties. Of course, she called me crazy for being so materialistic and demanding! But I further explained that, I am going to buy 5 properties myself on my own! (Indirectly saying that I don't need a man, aside from cleaning and companionship ;D).

I guessed that pretty sums up my whole year apart from the day to day 9-5pm usual stuff.

And for my new year's resolution! Hmm... I would need to shed a few kilos to fit in that dress of mine, try to jog at least twice a week to prepare for my expedition to climb mount kinabalu again. ( I climbed up 5 years ago without much preparation, think I didnt do well hence the second round). To learn as much as possible from my bosses so I could do better in my work, read up on commercial properties and perhaps JV with other investors to buy into commercial. Be more dilligent in keeping my face wrinkles free! (I can see fine lines around my eyes!) and improve my salsa dancing!

P/S: I am still attached to the guy I met online 4 years ago in case you got the wrong idea, but I always welcome new proposals as I need to QC my current companion to match against the market benchmark :D

Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yours trully is now a landlord =D.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finally it is up and ready

So much of delay and issues cropped up during my purchase and finally, Yes Finally I am ready to be a landlord... LANDLORD ;P A 25 years old landlord. A property to be called my own, using my own hard earn money! And Yes I am so proud of myself, I have never asked my parents to loan me any money for my purchase nor renovation, I paid every bit of it from my savings. (Okay la, my dad did the maintenance for me, but I paid for the materials and his boys and curtains sponsored by my mum - need to give credit a bit)

The following taken by my agent Roy, my banker, my property agent and my great mentor. :D

So far there are some rental offers but slightly too low, so shall wait for a while before the right tenant comes into the picture. Now please congratulate me!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Property Bug

Cousin: We are going New York for honeymoon!
Alec: Oh cool!
Me: *Pointing to the advert in the newspaper* "US$35,000 US house for sale" Oh US properties is sooo cheap!
Me: *Grinning*

Happy Late Late Halloween! This year, I'm a talkative mime :D

Oh, since I can't get hold of properties in US, well another in the bag...
Gonna furnish this babe nicely, small little studio. (Oh that's me in the picture, negotiating with the agent, while Alec snapping the pictures away)



I need to buy more furnishings! Sigh, too little time in KL to shop!

For lease, Vista Kiara, Mont Kiara
3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 carparks RM2,600.
Please call my agent Roy 012-2169026

Friday, July 2, 2010


My blog is molding... here, something for you to feast on... my new coloured hair...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Keep moving forward

I am moving forward. As the day draws closer, the excitement of leaving audit dawns on me. I bade farewell to one of my client today, giving them a firm hand shake and a wide smile while they congratulate and wished me luck in my new venture. It is funny that at times I hate dragging my sorry a$$ to work early in the morning to only be back middle of the night, but yet sometimes I enjoy what I am doing.

Audit was never my choice of career, and I went in out of desperation (and peer pressure!). I sufferred nevertheless but it was a great learning experience. So much tears were shed and lost sleep over review points and deadlines, but I guessed those are parts and parcels of audit. Despite my roller coaster ride, I can safely say that audit was a great learning point. I carry myself proudly being an auditor, especially a senior of an audit engagement. But the baton has to be passed on to those who deserve to lead.

I shall miss audit, but I am looking forward to far greater challenges ahead of me!

Where am I heading to? Haha.. to a happy land :D

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vista Kiara - Mont Kiara

Waiting for my S&P and this babe here will be officially mine :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mission Accomplished! - Mont Kiara


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Summary of Q1-2010

As usual, I have been very busy with work. Am still doing the same thing, leading the same engagement and working in the same company. But I did improve a lot on other things over these couple of months. I start going to church every sunday, pick up golf again (and signed up with a coach as well), go gym at least once a week, continue with my property search, start playing stocks (pray that I wont get burnt!) and been meeting a lot of great people online (real estate, stock investors etc) who are so keen to share their knowledge with me. I guess this is a good sign of a great year.

Will be heading back to Kajang this coming Thursday to view a few properties, after a thorough research, I have narrowed down to 2 areas, Bukit Jalil - Vista Komanwel and Mont Kiara - Vista Kiara. MK will be my later target, perhaps end of this year, unless a good auction deal comes along. I just hope the deal goes well this time!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Now & Then

Constant I love you, oh how muchie I miss you and things like that...


Seated few seats away with the all times 'friendly' sign.

That, my friend is called being in 'love'.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I haven't been posting very often these couple of months cause I was so occupied by work, studies and investment. Supposed to be bidding for an auction property at Vista Komanwel last few weels, Alec and I have already pooled our money together. But sadly the auction was off a day before, perhaps luck wasn't on our side.

I have been reading a lot of property investment book too, Milan Doshi's, Renesial Leong's, RDPD Investment Property and Eric Cheng's. Guess I have shifted my focus from F&B business to property investment. Haha, yes, Melissa sure has a lot of ambitions!

And I almost resign as well! But after spoken to alot of my managers and peers, I have decided to stay and reject the offer which seems to be more attractive for an entry level position. The thought of starting all over again from the bottom of the corporate ladder sounds daunting. So I shall stay here for a while, leading a pack of auditors until the point I can no longer lead :P.