Friday, December 4, 2009

Dior Make Over

Just for fun :P

Yuyen & Jimmy's Wedding Highlights

Last year, I posted how Yuyen's bf proposed to her, and on 10 October 2009, she finally tied the knot. The wedding was very well planned, despite no fancy wedding singer or band but there wasnt a moment of boredom during the 3 hours reception.

We were entertained by photo montage from their younger days, best wishes from friends afar and speeches from both best man and bride of honour. One of the best wedding reception I have ever attended. Should start planning for mine too :P

Church Wedding Video of Jimmy & Yu Yen from Lighthouse on Vimeo.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Receiving farewell emails and attending farewell dinners are like celebration of some sort in audit. Instead of feeling sad of departure of yet another fellow colleague/friend, we (the remaining ones) seem to be congratulating them for taking the plunge. While the word 'Resign' is discreetly used in every organisation, but guess in audit, almost everyone uses it at least once in their career. It acts as a encouragement, to spur us to finish it once and for all (then resign) or a word of defeat, to just give up and quit.

And out of 10 who calls it quit, 8 would make good their words.

Here are the pictures when I first joined.

(Taken in Krabi, Thailand 2007)

And what's left in my department.
(Taken at Zouk, KPMG Halloween Party, Oct 2009)
(One person in this picture has already resigned)

(Taken at Spanish Restaurant, Oct 2009)
(Three people in this picture has resigned as well)

And the peak is here again....

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


A Bat

A Cat?

Friday, October 16, 2009


I want a break from work,
I want to further my studies,
I want to continue my piano lesson,
I want to improve my golf swing,
I want to do business,
I want to have more time to understand FRS
I want to have 8 hours of sleep every night
I want to do facial as and when I like
I want Alec to earn more than me so I can stay at home and do all the above!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

More Than Just Melissa

The second round of IDRINK outdoor event was a great success. The crowd loves the drink, and one of the customers who happened to own a cafe asked if I supply the banner and all the ingredients! He loves my design and offer to buy my concept (He thought that I own this franchise!).

Mr Geh (Director of Sunway Lagoon Club and HR) even offered me a position in Sunway Group because he admired my entrepreneurial spirit and dedication! He insisted that I submit my resume and will pull some strings to get me in. I do have thoughts of it, but coming back to Malaysia is not part of my plan unless they offer me double of what I am earning now, slim chance though.

Plus, the only thing I know is AUDIT and doubt I am qualified enough to manage a full set of account. Nevertheless, it is great to know that people do see more than just Melissa.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bye bye curls

To be honest, I kind of like my curls, BUT, I cant stand maintaining it! So, after 3 months of wearing my long curly hair (which cost me S$450 btw), I've decided that I need a major change!

So, I chopped off my curly hair and rebonded the roots.

So yeah, I look pathetic!
Gosh, I look so Cina from China!

Sunday, September 13, 2009



My little doggie back in Kajang.

Sunway Flea Market

Are you looking for opportunity to expand your current online business into retail?

I have an avenue for you!

Sunway Flea Market!

Date: Every first Sunday of the Month starting from 6th Sept 09.
Time: 10am to 7pm
Venue: Sunway Lagoon Club House
Package: RM100 per day (One day only), RM80 (3 days), RM60 (6 days)
Inclusive of One Table 5'x2', One Chair, One commercial fan (to be shared ), Half Canopy (Around Swimming Pool area).
Extra: RM10 for electrical point per day.

I am one of the vendor there, and sold out within 6 hours!
(Oh yeah, I look very haggard in this picture, only had 4 hours of sleep the night before).

Email me for more info

Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Videos

Was browsing through my entries and saw this video, not too long ago but damn, I am so freaking proud of my sister!

This video was taken a year back on her sweet sixteen birthday.

Don't you wish your sister is as hot as mine?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloggie under Construction

Okay, I know the blog looks retarted now, am fiddling away with all the complicated HTML codes. Will add in the comment and navigation function soon enough, once I get an idea what are the source code!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Two months back, I was at the pinnacle of my life (or So I think), setting up my very first retail beverage stall 4 days before my ACCA exam and got promoted.

The excitement of being my own boss and getting promoted were too overwhelming that I didn't bother about my coming exam. I do admit that I did not put in much effort in my revision. Basically, what I did 4 days before exam was just scanning through the past exam papers and just went for it.

When the day finally came, I wasn't even afraid for I know, I have definitely flunk that paper. Ten minutes into it, my hypotheses was proven. In fact, the urge of leaving the hall was to strong that I only started writing down my answers after 30 minutes, contemplating to leave or not to leave. I was thinking, how can I give up without fighting, that is so not Melissa, so I went on scribble things on that exam script.

Two months later, a bombshell was dropped. My landlord force us to leave by end of September cause my partner who is an _____ delayed the rental and refused to pay the utilities bill. I was left perplexed. Not only did I lost my investment, I've wasted my energy and my precious TIME!

Time that I could have spent on studying. Money that I could have spent on my family and energy that I could have invested in my career.

He was all along a pest, but I carry on cause I needed a person to oversee the operation when I am in Singapore. A lot contacts, suppliers and networks alike, warned me of the trouble that he might bring. Well, thankfully the partnership only last for 4 months.

I will not mention his name nor where he is from, but that taught me a lesson.

"Actuarists are not that smart after all"

I scrambled to look at other retail spaces but it was too expensive and after a thorough budgeting, the new place would cost me RM30k just to set up. Staff cost, rental and ingredients that runs in thousands of ringgit per month. Plus, I cant find passionate ppl that I can trust to run the show for me, so it came back to square one. Close down.

It was disheartening, but I overcame it. Perhaps it wasn't my time yet to be my own boss. Plus the return is seriously very low. 6 months of profit is just like my one month's pay in Singapore or maybe a fraction of it.

But I am not letting go my dream yet, I still have plans for it, but in smaller scale.

Today another bombshell dropped.


And I shed a tear of joy, I have never been so happy getting a C in my life!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I know someday I will have children or adopted children in the future, hence to ensure that i get sufficient training per se... I got hamsters for starters.

I don;t really have names for them cause firstly, I cant differenciate both of them. Among the names considered were Michelle and Madeline.. hahaha.. my two sisters.

The ARE NOT having sex!... Just happened to be like that when I snap the picture. Btw, both are females.

Total cost: S$200 plus.

Oh... my F1 Singapore pass has just arrived! Cant wait to get there!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Felix Dennis

He is a self-made millionaire, poet and author for 'How to get rich', sounds cheessy i know but seriously a good read. I read it religiously every night and gosh, it is as if the book was written just for me!

Every single thing that he wrote in that book is exactly what I am encountering now.

Close friends, relatives, parents and lovers might be the source of your downfall if you let them to step on your dream, doubt your vision and belittle your ambition.

I will not let that to happen to me, Never! I will NEVER think like a poor nor will I die poor. Provided that I don't die prematurely in accidents or murdered by greedy business partner.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Logo

One month ago.......

One and a half month later.....
Step by Step.... and I will be there....


Just now I went out for a business discussion and a round of golf with my ex-colleague (driving range only nia). He was involved in a lot of business venture before joining audit (to kill time, i presume). So he showed me sooo many SOP (Some real franchise... read Mc ....) for all the other businesses that he did and wow, I am IMPRESSED how a REAL franchise is run.

Now am having second thoughts of my plan in Singapore. Too much capital involved and too risky and the return may not justify my time and capital. ROI is too marginal.

Then I came back home and keep on talking about business with Alec.

He was annoyed, initially I thought he was angry cause i went out with a male friend.

BUT, he wasnt.

He was annoyed cause I have been talking business with him for the past 2 weekends. (>.<)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Staff

Rule number one of doing business, hire competent and good staff.

Thankfully I only have 1 staff under me who is very competent of course, so not ranting on my own staff but rather on others.

Yesterday, I approach a small and medium size outlet and asked if they wholesale/supply certain products to me on a long-term basis. I am very sure they do cause gut feelings told me so and being a retail outlet, generally they are more than happy to do long term business because there is where the money is.

But this supervisor aunty whom I spoke to, gave me a blank and unapproving look. Seriously if you are the owner of the place, you would have welcomed me with open arms and say YES We do, though sometimes they don't. Anyways, she firmly said they don't, so I demand for the boss's number cause I know she is trying to minimise her responsibilities. More orders, more work for her.

Then this morning, another supplier replied me via email and said, they only supply to events but not to retails on a daily basis. I was erm..., you do delivery, but you only do one off, where your sales will only be worth one day of sales rather than everyday sales. And she doesn't even provide me with solution or alternative.

For a typical business owner, you would have suggested other ways, like supplying for alternate days or come up with some arrange for both parties. Or at least have the courtesy to apologised for not able to help.

So, rule number one, always, always hire staff who can perform despite having to pay them more.

P/S: I realised Msian suppliers are more accommodating and would try their best to close the deal, very different with Singapore based companies.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sponsor a kid to swim

Not everyone in life is as lucky as you and I. Yes, You! who are reading this online in an air-conditioner room with music blasting at the background.

I count myself lucky cause I grew up in a wonderful environment with a supportive family who has guided and brought me up well.

Secondly, I was privileged enough to get a full scholarship/sponsorship from The Star for my education at Nilai International University College, a sponsorship that has totally changed my life.

For that, I have always look for opportunity to contribute back to the society. However, due to my 'business/entrepreneurial/money-minded' nature, I always fill my empty slots for 'money making time' so, naturally it became hard for me to be physically there for charitable work cause I have work, business and studies to take care of. (Not an excuse I know but, seriously try to be in my shoe for one day and You will know how it is like).

Thanks to EJ for taking an initiative to organise a 'Swim for a Charity', (in which I've added the agenda of 'Sponsor a kid to swim' instead, Yes EJ, I must take ownership of my idea :P).

We are still in the midst of looking for charitable organisation to donate to and perhaps a trip down to the orphanage to let them taste MY DRINKZ bubble tea! Hey not a publicity stunt okay, though I do admit, there is a little to it :P.

Here are the details.

Charitable Organisation: Still looking. (PJ Area, any organisation in mind?)

Pool: Pelangi Utama Block A,B,C Swimming Pool, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,


Instructor/Host: EJ - 0163533555


Fee/Donation: RM30 for 2 hours of class.

(You can sponsor a kid to swim or learn swimming yourself! )

Campaign period: 1 Aug to 30 Aug 2009.

Target Collection: RM1,500

Who can join?: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Swimmer (age 4 to 60 years old).

Book your time in facebook!

So, do your part in making this happen!

P/S: You are also welcome to sponsor swim wear/goggle for the kids you are sponsoring. All in the name of charity.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Step by Step

You know, since I started with my little take away counter, I have been receiving mix reactions from families, friends and online contacts. Mostly congratulate me but also a handful that criticise the start up was too small, too insignificant and if they were in my shoe, they would have gone all out, play big.

Well, there is whole lot of reasons why I did not go all out.

1. I am still employed full time, in Singapore (KL - Singapore, see the distance?) AND my job requires SUBSTANTIAL time and attention hence small start up only takes up 30% of my time and attention. AND I am still studying for my professional paper.

2. Why don't i just quit my job then you ask? Cause I have no whatsoever financial backing, the capital was purely from my savings. I come from a middle class family where the only way to tertiary education is by way of scholarship, so if you don't work hard enough then too bad. SO, while my business is running, I still have got to work to fund it. And NO, I WILL NEVER ask my family to extent whatsoever finances cause if to die, I want to die alone.

3. I am very risk averse (to a certain extent), since I have no knowledge of F&B business, I can only learn from the job. Hence baby steps are great starting point.

4. A lot of ppl like to boast about their dream but waiting for the right time with the right capital to start (a big start-up with lotsa $$$). well, then carry on dreaming, everyone can dream so dream on for the big one to come.

5. I always believe in small steps, baby steps. I started my online blog shop due to love for the brand and well, I can proudly say that it raked up to S$6k of sales in a month (of course with very very minimal margin). No much I know but hey, I have done it, have you?

6. I still love my job, I know the word ‘love’ sounded very very wrong but I still have a lot of things to learn in my line of work. Plus, I just got promoted and my pay is pretty decent to let go.

7. Michelle’s still in Uni, Madeline is going into Uni next year, being the eldest, I have to care for their welfare, so I cannot risk my stable income. Plus, I want the best for both of my sisters without having them to worry about finances back home.

8. Touch wood, if it fails, I still have opportunity to rise again, rather than risking my whole life savings and confidence. You guys surely know Melissa’s level of confidence.

Soooo, that concludes the reason why I started micro level, but if anyone of you are keen to try your hand in F&B but lack of capital, I am looking for partners to expand my company. :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Drinkz Bubble Tea

I have been so busy lately that I entirely forgotten about my blog, well, as above, you could have guessed what has been keeping me occupied. And of course with my ACCA exam in 7 days time, I am doomed!!!!
Yup, latest venture, F&B. It was a roller coaster ride, from the very beginning, strong resistant from parents and a partner who has entirely different view from me, dont ask me who is my partner but definitely not Alec. Anyways, I dont wish to dwell further on the partnership. Trust me it was full of dramas.
Today was the first day and honestly there were several hiccups, I forgot to add sugar into one of the customer's drink (My mistake) and the drinks were slightly too sweet.
Reason why it was successful today mainly due to contacts and relatives, so pray there will be repeat customers. Managed to hit my target today but there are still more rooms for improvement, among feedbacks were too slow, too sweet and less varieties.

Wish me well people, and of course plenty of luck. I dont usually rely on luck, but later realised after reading a book, luck is the result of opportunity plus hard work. So Good Luck Melissa!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


A declaration of fault or blame against another
Dear God,
Help us to love the truth, which is your nature.
Help us to remember we're not to "bear false witness against our neighbour".
When we sin, please forgive us, and deter us from sins like this.
When we're victims of this, please show us your presence intimately,
so we can go on until our names are cleared.
In the end, please heal the scars of all victims of life altering accusations that were false.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Wanted to publish this for a long long time but just too lazy to upload the articles, finally found an online version so just copy and paste.

Yes, am a very proud person, but hey, do you get such title everyday? So, I think flaunting once in a while is not entirely wrong :P

Full version here .

P/S: Just wanna put more pressure on my two sisters :P. Madeline, belajar la...SPM coming nih...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Who says auditors have no life?

Prove that auditors can drink and work at the same time....

My latest creation, Beef Omellete.

Look, I have a dimple :)

The end of yet another random post.....

F1 - Singapore


Managed to get it online!

Eeee Haaa...

Alec is soooo going to love me!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Part-Timer Needed

Location: Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan, KL
Time: 11am to 3pm
Period: Monday to Friday (Close on Public Holiday)
Rate: RM10 per hour
Job Scope: Serve & Make Drinks
Start work on 2nd May 2009

No experience nor qualification needed.
Willing to commit within that 4 hours.
Honest and willing to learn.
Prefer students/SPM leavers.

Interested parties pls contact me: to arrange for a phone interview.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Yes, I am going!!!

Provided that I get the tickets tomorrow....

Went to the Singtel F1 roadshow at Wisma Atria just now but gosh was turned down for tickets, apparently the tickets are only for singtel user. Wanted to try to ask ppl on the streets, but decided to against it... *shy*

So, gotta wait until tomorrow if any of my friends willing to get the tickes for me or until 20 april when the line is open to public.

I really really wanna get the tickets!!

Not for myself of course, but for the idiot who secretly stalk my blog, looking for updates.... :P

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wonder Kid

Earth Hour?

As am typing this entry, I am suppose to off all electricy and observe the Earth Hour day, I did turn off my living room light so I think that counts but seriously can turning off electricity for just 60 mins save the earth?

First and foremost, electricity in Msia is generated from Hydro-electric so in essence, hydroelectric is a renewable source of energy. Any polution to the environment? Erm, apart from the de-forestation during the construction of the dam, i think no. Or maybe the heat/smoke emission from certain electrical appliances like air-conditioner, okay so CFC is erosing the ozone layer, I agree but switching off lights at night is just sortta like a publicity stunt. I dont know but I think so. But since Singapore power supply generated from gas, so probably Singapore should indeed switch off the light to save but anyway, thats not my point.

My point is that the awareness should be something realistic but not just a one-off event as if some celebration of sort. For long, I have alw observed how ladies are killing millions of tree in the ladies. Once they get off the sink, they head right to the tissue dispenser and start pulling sheets and sheets of tissue just to wipe their hands. The amount of tissue that they took probably can have themselves wrapped up like a mummy. It is not as if they would use every sheet but crumple it up and only the first two sheets are used.

Secondly, in the cubicle, okay perhaps I was too bored so my hearing tends to be sharper and I can hear the lady next door did the same thing, this time more tissue i think cause i can easily guess from the time she start pulling it until i'm done with my business, she is still pulling the tissue from the roller.

Then comes water, my office's ladies had this faulty tap where, once you press it, you cant get it back up (in fact you can, but not many ppl know the right technique). So the water would keep on flowing for the whole bloody day and noone gives a damn until i highlight it to the cleaner. This happened thrice when I pass by the ladies.

So if all of us do a little part by being more tactful in using public amenities, i bet we can save whole a lot of trees and water.

P/S: Perhaps I can suggest to my firm to put up a sign "only take what you need" on the tissue dispenser.

Cable TV

Now i have both starhub cable tv and mio cable tv.


150 over channels to watch... I am soo spoilt for choice!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slowly liking my curls


Camwhore 1

Camwhore 2

It has been a month since I last step into the gym and yesterday I weight myself, expecting it to go up to 50kg but it didn't. It stopped at 48kg :D.

Oh when can I get to 45kg again?

The heaviest I went was 51kg, back in college when I was still with my first ex who was also slightly overweight. I stuffed myself silly so that we look compatible.

After we broke up, I started exercising excessively and I went down to 44kg in a month. I think I had a mild aneroxic back then cause I would feel hungry but when I see food, I feel like throwing out. Then it hit me, the doctor said I had low blood pressure and was denied twice for a blood donation for being underweight.

I cut down on my exercise and my weight went up to 45-47kg.

Now am at 48kg... Sigh my BMI is currently at 19.2 :(. Do the maths if you want to know how petite (Short) I am :P.

Slumdog Millionaire

It is written.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Things you cant live without

Fragrance: Yves Saint Laurent - Elle (Love this fragrance) & Calvin Klein - Summer Eternity (Got it as a gift but don't really fancy the smell, too pungent).

Body Lotion: Body Shop - Strawberry Puree Lotion

Monday, March 23, 2009

Straight to Curl

I dun have natural straight hair neither do i have natural curl. But i have been wearing my hair long and straight for way tooooo long and finally decided to curl it once and for all...

The straight hair days....

Did my hair at the Illusion Hair at Ang Mo Kio

(Just back from class as you can see I have my ACCA book there)

Ceramic Curl, Dye and treatment = S$250!!!!! Freaking expensive~ guess this would be the first and the last time am curling my hair... honestly, not really that nice :(