Friday, August 28, 2009

Old Videos

Was browsing through my entries and saw this video, not too long ago but damn, I am so freaking proud of my sister!

This video was taken a year back on her sweet sixteen birthday.

Don't you wish your sister is as hot as mine?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bloggie under Construction

Okay, I know the blog looks retarted now, am fiddling away with all the complicated HTML codes. Will add in the comment and navigation function soon enough, once I get an idea what are the source code!

Monday, August 17, 2009


Two months back, I was at the pinnacle of my life (or So I think), setting up my very first retail beverage stall 4 days before my ACCA exam and got promoted.

The excitement of being my own boss and getting promoted were too overwhelming that I didn't bother about my coming exam. I do admit that I did not put in much effort in my revision. Basically, what I did 4 days before exam was just scanning through the past exam papers and just went for it.

When the day finally came, I wasn't even afraid for I know, I have definitely flunk that paper. Ten minutes into it, my hypotheses was proven. In fact, the urge of leaving the hall was to strong that I only started writing down my answers after 30 minutes, contemplating to leave or not to leave. I was thinking, how can I give up without fighting, that is so not Melissa, so I went on scribble things on that exam script.

Two months later, a bombshell was dropped. My landlord force us to leave by end of September cause my partner who is an _____ delayed the rental and refused to pay the utilities bill. I was left perplexed. Not only did I lost my investment, I've wasted my energy and my precious TIME!

Time that I could have spent on studying. Money that I could have spent on my family and energy that I could have invested in my career.

He was all along a pest, but I carry on cause I needed a person to oversee the operation when I am in Singapore. A lot contacts, suppliers and networks alike, warned me of the trouble that he might bring. Well, thankfully the partnership only last for 4 months.

I will not mention his name nor where he is from, but that taught me a lesson.

"Actuarists are not that smart after all"

I scrambled to look at other retail spaces but it was too expensive and after a thorough budgeting, the new place would cost me RM30k just to set up. Staff cost, rental and ingredients that runs in thousands of ringgit per month. Plus, I cant find passionate ppl that I can trust to run the show for me, so it came back to square one. Close down.

It was disheartening, but I overcame it. Perhaps it wasn't my time yet to be my own boss. Plus the return is seriously very low. 6 months of profit is just like my one month's pay in Singapore or maybe a fraction of it.

But I am not letting go my dream yet, I still have plans for it, but in smaller scale.

Today another bombshell dropped.


And I shed a tear of joy, I have never been so happy getting a C in my life!

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I know someday I will have children or adopted children in the future, hence to ensure that i get sufficient training per se... I got hamsters for starters.

I don;t really have names for them cause firstly, I cant differenciate both of them. Among the names considered were Michelle and Madeline.. hahaha.. my two sisters.

The ARE NOT having sex!... Just happened to be like that when I snap the picture. Btw, both are females.

Total cost: S$200 plus.

Oh... my F1 Singapore pass has just arrived! Cant wait to get there!