Monday, February 11, 2008

When life suddenly ends...

Happy CNY to everyone!

I have a good new year this year, despite the rush of getting home and back to Singapore,but what is the few hours of idling in a bus to seeing the familiar faces back at home? A restless and tired journey is afterall worthwhile to be in the place where you called home.

Being a frequent bus traveller, I always choose to travel by first coach. Maybe it is more convenient but from my past experience, the drivers have been pretty competent as compared to others. I have travelled via Konsortium, not a pleasant journey I would say. It was stopped by police block when I was travelling, so not a good sign.

Bus accidents in Msia is quite a headline grabber these days, despite being in a CNY mood, I know i shouldn't be bringing up bad things like death or accidents, but many times, we always take things for granted.

Next time lah, next week, someday, later, afterward and the delay goes on and on. I came to that realisation eversince I've landed myself in Singapore, a land not too foreign to many but it is to me. Life is so fragile and I cherished every bit being with my family and love ones.

But Nian Ning was not too fortunate. Being a star student, her life just ended tragically just for a simple reason. IGNORANCE!

Please click on the link on Nian Ning's name and do your part, sign the petition, that, is the least we can do...

Msia is infamous for its incompetency, from politics to economy and to education. Law enforcement is merely a body for show. Be it JPJ or police force, they are there cause every country has it, so Msia also need one lar...Corruption and bribery are part and parcel of a typical msians' life. My dad was a victim too! Being ripped off government projects for being a NON-BUMI registered companies!

You mau project? Kasi minum banyak sikit la.

How can a country prosper when the people who are running it are idiots! I have lost hope in the Msia Government.

Condolence to Nian Ning's family and friends, better place up there so rest in peace.

The Star