Saturday, August 15, 2009


I know someday I will have children or adopted children in the future, hence to ensure that i get sufficient training per se... I got hamsters for starters.

I don;t really have names for them cause firstly, I cant differenciate both of them. Among the names considered were Michelle and Madeline.. hahaha.. my two sisters.

The ARE NOT having sex!... Just happened to be like that when I snap the picture. Btw, both are females.

Total cost: S$200 plus.

Oh... my F1 Singapore pass has just arrived! Cant wait to get there!


SayangSam said...

Names that you thought of was Madeline and god...that totally crack me up man...u shud get the cage like the ones xiaxue have...its bloody nice and its pink and she made it all nice...go get it