Friday, November 6, 2009


Receiving farewell emails and attending farewell dinners are like celebration of some sort in audit. Instead of feeling sad of departure of yet another fellow colleague/friend, we (the remaining ones) seem to be congratulating them for taking the plunge. While the word 'Resign' is discreetly used in every organisation, but guess in audit, almost everyone uses it at least once in their career. It acts as a encouragement, to spur us to finish it once and for all (then resign) or a word of defeat, to just give up and quit.

And out of 10 who calls it quit, 8 would make good their words.

Here are the pictures when I first joined.

(Taken in Krabi, Thailand 2007)

And what's left in my department.
(Taken at Zouk, KPMG Halloween Party, Oct 2009)
(One person in this picture has already resigned)

(Taken at Spanish Restaurant, Oct 2009)
(Three people in this picture has resigned as well)

And the peak is here again....