Saturday, January 30, 2010


I haven't been posting very often these couple of months cause I was so occupied by work, studies and investment. Supposed to be bidding for an auction property at Vista Komanwel last few weels, Alec and I have already pooled our money together. But sadly the auction was off a day before, perhaps luck wasn't on our side.

I have been reading a lot of property investment book too, Milan Doshi's, Renesial Leong's, RDPD Investment Property and Eric Cheng's. Guess I have shifted my focus from F&B business to property investment. Haha, yes, Melissa sure has a lot of ambitions!

And I almost resign as well! But after spoken to alot of my managers and peers, I have decided to stay and reject the offer which seems to be more attractive for an entry level position. The thought of starting all over again from the bottom of the corporate ladder sounds daunting. So I shall stay here for a while, leading a pack of auditors until the point I can no longer lead :P.


Horlic said...

must learn from you on the investing in property auction part one day