Thursday, November 25, 2010

Finally it is up and ready

So much of delay and issues cropped up during my purchase and finally, Yes Finally I am ready to be a landlord... LANDLORD ;P A 25 years old landlord. A property to be called my own, using my own hard earn money! And Yes I am so proud of myself, I have never asked my parents to loan me any money for my purchase nor renovation, I paid every bit of it from my savings. (Okay la, my dad did the maintenance for me, but I paid for the materials and his boys and curtains sponsored by my mum - need to give credit a bit)

The following taken by my agent Roy, my banker, my property agent and my great mentor. :D

So far there are some rental offers but slightly too low, so shall wait for a while before the right tenant comes into the picture. Now please congratulate me!


Daryl said... a fan of ya blog. More pics of ya sexy self pls. I heart ya baby!