Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moving on

Alec and I broke up the week after CNY, it was my call. It was not easy, he was part of my life for the past 4 years, day in and day out, he was always there for me. But somehow or rather, the feeling has faded, he loved me too much that I took him for granted, dictate how we should move forward. I was the captain of the relationship, I didnt want us to be an ordinary couple, I was trying to change him. He did change for my sake, but still I am not satisfied. I am selfish, self-centered. My parents gave me a long lecture when they found out.

Alec has great bond with my family and my extended family that is. Marriage was just a formality, we were married in their eyes. I am always in Alec's priority list, he places me above all things, his work, his time, himself.

I am sorry for breaking up your heart, I know you were planning to propose next year, but I can't be giving you fake promises when I know I am not ready to marry you.

It might be the stupidiest decision I have ever made but what's done is done.


lizzie raine said...

It is good to chase after ones desires, it's everyone dream to become one of the shiniest star but what is it that you are craving and looking for?
Materials are worldly desires , chasing is never ending but when the heart and mind is at peace, the path will be clearer.
AS THE DEER (panteth for the water)