Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Thank you for your defense

Good to know you are always there to support me in good and bad times. And good luck in being a landlord and getting a girl friend :D

Channelnewasia forum

Have been rather upset after my feature was being scrutinised and critised in a few Singapore forum recently, I do not blame the forumers for they do not know me well enough. But he defended me on the forum. I guessed noone could ever understand me as well as he did. He witnessed first hand how I cried every night missing my family and stressing at work, my anxiety in buying my first property, my sleepness night when my unit untenanted for 2 months and all my ups and downs at work.

Instead of smearing the name of your ex, isn't it great that your ex comes to your defend when you are defenseless? I believe in karma, what comes around goes around. Once again, a big thank you!


valmont said...

'my sleepness night when my unit untenanted for 2 months', u can eliminate all those emo by investing in reits..

'Why buying a REIT is more profitable than a condo' and still get your yield as per normal.