Saturday, April 19, 2008

Maddie's Birthday

Hey People,

Have been extremely busy with life these days, (read: LIFE-WORK,WORK & MORE WORK). But at least, last week, i took a break from my LIFE and went back to Msia to renew my driving license (which expired like decades ago) and to attend my sister;s 16 birthday.

My Family

I have been sponsoring my sister's dance class for sometime back and this is the FIRST TIME, read FIRST TIME, seeing her perform. The past 4 years, I was alws too busy with work or study to attend any of her performance. The money spend on her dance class are pretty worthy to see her shaking her thang so well and natural. You guys can view her public performance and solo dance here.


Oh yeah, I stumbled across Dawn Yang's older pictures.. yeah yeah.. DY is old news but heck, this is fun!. She is pretty before the surgery but became a godness after that (quoted from Kenny Sia).

Here for controversial pictures.