Monday, June 2, 2008



I’ve been living in this house for about 8 years before moving to my current place in Kajang Prima 5 years ago. My parents decided to put it on sale since we are pretty tight these days, plus, the rental income wasn’t helping much, merely RM400 for a 3rooms single storey house. Bet this kind of house can easily fetch thousands of dollars if it is in Singapore.


The interior of the house is in a terrible condition, blame it on the previous tenant who doesn’t give a damn in maintaining the house. Looking at the house, I felt nostalgic and realized, the house is so small. 20 x 60. My dad said, “Cause you are all grow up now”.


I’ve grown up.

Last Friday, had a small gathering with KamZ, Chan, King, Shaz, Ej, Wei Nee and Neo.


(Those who came)


(Kamzy, being herself)

Yes, Neo Came. Surprise leh… (BUT, SHE WENT BACK BEFORE WE CAN EVEN SNAP A PICTURE OF HER, SO YES, NEO IS NOT IN THE PICTURE). After the dinner, went over to Kamz’s condo, just about 10 mins drive from One U. Her place looks very nice and the furnishing is pretty clean and simple, BUT the fiery bright orange paint on the wall is a lil’ too bright. (No offence Kamzy!).

Felt happy for her and yet envy. She is the first among the NFBians to get a house. Wonder when is mine?

If only I don’t have to support my family and my sisters. No one said being the eldest is easy. I have to be the leader, decision maker and the role model for my sister to look up for, the pillar of support to my parents.

Sometimes I wonder, why aren’t my family well-off, why can’t they be someone so filthy rich that I can decide which University I can go to. That I can decide what car I can drive, what course I can study, what classes I can go for and what house I buy for myself without worrying is there enought for the family.


In my life, options are rare and limited. Beggars can’t be chooser. Take it or leave it.

Things that I could have done when I was younger if financial is not a concern:

1. Finish up my piano lesson.
Piano lesson is very expensive, and sometimes, I just can’t bring myself to ask my parents for money so I stopped after 6 months (3rd grade).

2. Black belt (Taekwondo).
I was self-sponsoring my piano lesson and taekwondo lesson through my tuition income but the grading fee was getting a bit too high and the black belt uniform needs to be custom made. So I stopped at Red 2 (Brown 2). Just one level to black.

3. Study oversea
UK or Australia would definitely be my choice of destination.

4. Attend lots and lots of tuition.
I know this sound a bit strange but I only attended tuition when I was 16 years old. Thankfully I scored straight As for UPSR & PMR. But I could have done it better if I took a lot more for my SPM! Just out by ONE FREAKING A! Guess, that’s the reason I didn’t get an oversea scholarship. Or maybe cause I didn’t even applied for one. I think should be the latter.

Despite all that, to think about it, hardship taught me a great deal of things as well. I don’t take money for granted and learnt be a resourceful person and not some spoilt brat who parties their life away.


1. Scholarship.
Fully sponsored by The Star, my parents saved RM60k to 80k for my education.


(Chessgal on stage, delivering her speech during convo)


(Chessgal's name engraved on Hall of Fame)

2. Valedictorian.
Crap, I love to boost that I was the Valedictorian of Nilai College. NOT EVERYONE HAS THE PRIVILEGE OKAY!


(CGPA 4.0 Okay, no photoshop involved! Zoom in if you want to)


(First Class Okay)

3. CGPA 4.0
Now tell me, who gets CGPA 4.0 before?? Well! There are only 3 in Nilai College Convo 2006.

4. Working oversea.
I know, I know, Singapore is NOT OVERSEA, but hell la, I consider that as OVERSEA though just over a small lil’ straits of Tebrau. I know I can’t study abroad but I surely will work abroad. Will be planning for UK right after I am done with ACCA.


(SmartAlec & Chessgal-Stop machoing la Alec)

5. Loving Boy-friend.
Yes I was an UGLY ducking before but, see I have a CUN boyfriend who loves me to pieces and mieces. Who bought me Coach & Burberry Bags, You got or not?? Don’t have leh.


(Chessgal in The Star while working in Ernst & Young, Msia)

6. Working in Big 4.
Okay, nothing to shout about. NOTHING. Just a high class slave, that's all.

So, God is fair. He gives you some and takes some from you. He took wealth from my family but gives back knowledge, loves and warmth to my family.

Okay nuff of ramblings, time for me to hit the books.