Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Turning 24

In two more days I can legally categorized myself as being mid-20s. Okay, maybe 24 is still a year away from 25 but it is still within that range.

So, let me see what I have done for the past 24 years?

1. Graduated with a degree.
2. Still doing my ACCA (3 more papers baby!)
3. Bought a SLK (Small Little Kancil) with my OWN money, note the capital, means that your parents do not contribute a cent, on another note, my dad paid the deposit but that’s all :P.
4. Got employed by one of the Big Four (Funny that Big Four sound so ridiculously big and hard to enter when I was in college, but hey, most of my college-mates are in Big Four now).
5. Gone through four cycle of relationships, and only one devil that dare to dump me, Jarod, I hate you! You owe me lunch and dinner! I am coming back in March make sure your ass time is free by then!
6. Met accident once, okay cannot reveal much but basically noone was hurt but my dad’s wallet and his car.
7. Becoming more mature?
8. Improved sense of dressing, oh this I have to admit, thanks to my stylist Alec Soong.
9. Becoming more self conscious and 50% increase in self confident? Okay maybe I have been overly confident all this while but not a bad thing right?
10. Sudden love for sushi, I hate sushi before I met Alec, but somehow that a**h*** convinced me and drugged me with sushi. Now I need to get at least a monthly fix of sushi or Jap’s food.
11. I still hate durian and pork.
12. I am soon to be a Singapore PR.
13. And a lot of achievements along the way, you seriously don’t want to know, you will feel so inferior :P.

What I want to achieve in future?
1. To own a house (okay not a house per-se but a HDB flat in Singapore), I know the price it is ridiculously high that I can buy a bungalow in Msia but my rental now is not cheap either).
2. Stay in audit for as long as possible, pray that no trouble maker along the way. (Take out my shoe and 'Ta Siew Yan')
3. Finish up my ACCA and few years later maybe proceed to ICAEW, just Maybe.
4. Masters maybe? But am going to do a full time on this one.
5. Get married at 30. Sorry Alec, non-negotiable, unless you strike toto tomorrow.

I think that is all for now, OMG am soo hungry now….. Alec food plsssss……