Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My bf is crazy!

Alec's company hasnt been doing very well and his paycheque has been badly affected, hence in order not to add salt to injury and disappoint myself, I bought myself a coach wristlet (For CNY) and a skinny (For my birthday) as consolations.

I even warned Alec not to splurge a cent for Christmas, Valentines and my birthday. Okay, maybe cause i didnt buy him any cause guy's presents are so freaking expensive and i cant buy him tie nor cufflink since he hardly uses those. But he is not a man of my word, He bought me a beautiful pink Citizen watch (he knows i adore pink very much) for Christmas...

(Image blurry thanks to my camera phone but this babe here is seriously pretty, almost all my colleague said so)

And now he bought me yet another COACH BAG!!! I have been eyeing this bag for a long time but since i have too many bags, I decided not to spoilt myself this year. so i just bought two, dua, liang keh coach accessories to last me till end of the year.

It is a long story how Alec tried to conceal this present from me since he knows his gf is a smart auditor and would probe and probe when she senses any irregularities or suspicious action cause he wanted this to be a surprise (i alw burst his bubble cause he is simply a lousy actor). So I shall keep that for another day.

Now wish me a Happy Birthday!

Don't jeles okay? I know i am one hell of a lucky girl....


Anonymous said...

alec so sayang u eh!!!!!!!!!!
sendiri pun "zi san nan poh" still buy u expensive bday gifts....

hope u earn alot money, get promotion fast, complete ur ACCA faster, and faster kahwin hahhaha