Monday, June 1, 2009

My Drinkz Bubble Tea

I have been so busy lately that I entirely forgotten about my blog, well, as above, you could have guessed what has been keeping me occupied. And of course with my ACCA exam in 7 days time, I am doomed!!!!
Yup, latest venture, F&B. It was a roller coaster ride, from the very beginning, strong resistant from parents and a partner who has entirely different view from me, dont ask me who is my partner but definitely not Alec. Anyways, I dont wish to dwell further on the partnership. Trust me it was full of dramas.
Today was the first day and honestly there were several hiccups, I forgot to add sugar into one of the customer's drink (My mistake) and the drinks were slightly too sweet.
Reason why it was successful today mainly due to contacts and relatives, so pray there will be repeat customers. Managed to hit my target today but there are still more rooms for improvement, among feedbacks were too slow, too sweet and less varieties.

Wish me well people, and of course plenty of luck. I dont usually rely on luck, but later realised after reading a book, luck is the result of opportunity plus hard work. So Good Luck Melissa!


Organic Passion said...

Hi, I'm jenny. i read your experience from, from ask around how to start the bouble tea bussiness until make it a success. I am very impressed by your desire of success and commitment.
Infact i am also doing reseach and wanted to open a bouble tea shop in SG. Wondering if you don't mind to share your experience? thanks in advance :)