Saturday, June 20, 2009

Step by Step

You know, since I started with my little take away counter, I have been receiving mix reactions from families, friends and online contacts. Mostly congratulate me but also a handful that criticise the start up was too small, too insignificant and if they were in my shoe, they would have gone all out, play big.

Well, there is whole lot of reasons why I did not go all out.

1. I am still employed full time, in Singapore (KL - Singapore, see the distance?) AND my job requires SUBSTANTIAL time and attention hence small start up only takes up 30% of my time and attention. AND I am still studying for my professional paper.

2. Why don't i just quit my job then you ask? Cause I have no whatsoever financial backing, the capital was purely from my savings. I come from a middle class family where the only way to tertiary education is by way of scholarship, so if you don't work hard enough then too bad. SO, while my business is running, I still have got to work to fund it. And NO, I WILL NEVER ask my family to extent whatsoever finances cause if to die, I want to die alone.

3. I am very risk averse (to a certain extent), since I have no knowledge of F&B business, I can only learn from the job. Hence baby steps are great starting point.

4. A lot of ppl like to boast about their dream but waiting for the right time with the right capital to start (a big start-up with lotsa $$$). well, then carry on dreaming, everyone can dream so dream on for the big one to come.

5. I always believe in small steps, baby steps. I started my online blog shop due to love for the brand and well, I can proudly say that it raked up to S$6k of sales in a month (of course with very very minimal margin). No much I know but hey, I have done it, have you?

6. I still love my job, I know the word ‘love’ sounded very very wrong but I still have a lot of things to learn in my line of work. Plus, I just got promoted and my pay is pretty decent to let go.

7. Michelle’s still in Uni, Madeline is going into Uni next year, being the eldest, I have to care for their welfare, so I cannot risk my stable income. Plus, I want the best for both of my sisters without having them to worry about finances back home.

8. Touch wood, if it fails, I still have opportunity to rise again, rather than risking my whole life savings and confidence. You guys surely know Melissa’s level of confidence.

Soooo, that concludes the reason why I started micro level, but if anyone of you are keen to try your hand in F&B but lack of capital, I am looking for partners to expand my company. :)