Friday, October 16, 2009


I want a break from work,
I want to further my studies,
I want to continue my piano lesson,
I want to improve my golf swing,
I want to do business,
I want to have more time to understand FRS
I want to have 8 hours of sleep every night
I want to do facial as and when I like
I want Alec to earn more than me so I can stay at home and do all the above!


ccdev said...

hey hey,chessgal,i surf here n there came up to your blog. no surprise, figured you for a looker. and your "i want' post (together with what i read in PJNet) cements my impression of you as a self-centered, selfish bitch. that's alright, me too, altho i'm of the basterd variety. broke up with your bf yet or not? you such a career go-getter, with such dynamite entrepreneur spirit need to find a high rollin' guy (or rich uncle) to balance things. normal guy on the street just wont do for you. on a separate note, possible for you to show some more photos, preferably with tighter fitting clothes, short length ones, mmmm, sweet, sexy n dangerous. and more close up shots of your lips too, ok?