Thursday, July 5, 2012

Mid of year 2012

The year 2012 has been a crazy year! And it is not even year end yet!

Earlier this year, Ryan got our bazi reading done and did a self evaluation fengshui of our current house. Don't quite remember what did Joey Yeap's disciple said but basically I would have some luck in networking, business and gambling/investing. Apparently business will come after us to expand our portfolio but real wealth would have to wait.

Career wise, I would have a smooth progression with potential of further promotion or increment. So far, it has been pretty good. But gotta monitor my health. Which is very true, I have been failing sick pretty often after my trip to Hong Kong last year. I have just recovered 2 months ago after a strict diet and medication.

In April, again I went to Kek Lok Si Temple for fun during my annual "cheng beng" prayer to my anchestors. Despite being born Catholic, I don't mind giving my respect at Chinese Temple, and again being superbly superstitious, I draw a divination lot and got it decipher by the monk. Apparently abundance of wealth and marriage luck in the air 0.o

Alpha also took one of the bigger step ever by organising her first and virgin property tour. It was a full 20 pax plus investors from Singapore! Definitely an honour to host them!

Marcus Chu of REIGN & Jacob Tay Co-founder of IProperty also part of the entourage. Guess what, even the Head of Wealth Management of BNP Paribas joined us and now he is our close contact! We are forever grateful to have met people like them!

There are a lot more whom we have met, Mr Ho Chin Soon, Milan Doshi, Juanita Chin, Thomas Ong, Trutz Winter and many more property investors who are very successful in their own respective way. This journey is trully a life changer!

To date, I have organised countless events thanks to great response from fellow investors. Be it property investment or gold/silver investment. My fee is very reasonable and I also work on a commission basis. SOmetimes I work for free just to get names into my portfolio.

What started as a passion has definitely grown into a business! On average I receive at least one email from client seeking my service to join them in organising or a cooperation. However, I need to be careful in who and which organisation that Alpha/MISS is associated with to avoid being seen as bias and losing our stand as an agnostic club. We don't charge any membership fee and MISS is open to everyone be it new or seasoned investor. 

One of the reason MISS is formed was to bring Malaysian investors residing in Singapore together to mingle with rest of the investors and educate those who are less familiar with Malaysia real estate. I heard too many unfortunate stories of Singaporean getting burnt in Malaysia real estate hence, being a Malaysian, I felt it was a calling to debunk the myth! You CAN make money in Malaysia! Get yourself educated, mingle with SUCCESSFUL investors who are familiar with Malaysia and take action. If you do not have enough capital, then co-invest with someone you can trust.

Sometimes you just have to put your skeptism away for a successful joint venture, if you cannot trust your partner, then do not put your money in. And do not over analyse until paralyse. Every investment has its inherent risk, if you cannot sleep then better don't invest. Investment is not for the faint hearted. 

As Ryan and myself have basically exhausted our borrowing capacity, we co-invest with other investors in commercial deal. Believe it or not, none of these investors are my friends whom I know before my real estate journey, rather, these are people whom I met at real estate event. They trust our findings and believe in us. Some merely know us for a week, and willing to join us in our investment! Isn't it amazing! One investor told me, "I don't know who is the developer, I don't know who is Thomas Ong, but if Melissa says it is a good buy, I'll buy". Like wow! Perhaps I should become a real estate agent! Trully an honour!

Another surprise came into my mail box.
An invitation to be part of SMART Expo and we get a table and publicity for free!

Usually event like this would cost S$2-3k for a booth or a table. And we are honored to get such privilege at Marina Bay Sands expo! Usually Alpha tags along with Mr Ho at his event. This time we got a direct access to go under Alpha's name!

And the last sweetener of the day!

I finally got a condo in Singapore!

Okaylah, I didnt buy myself, it is a co-investment with Ryan. Somewhere near city. Will be getting the keys in November the latest!

Thank you God for answering all my prayers and thank you fellow investors for propelling my business to another level!

Okay, gotta plan for my exhibition and redesign my website! Oh boy oh boy! It is good to be busy for your own business!