Sunday, October 21, 2012

Moving up!

Tomorrow would mark the end of my nomad days! Having been in Singapore for the past 6 years, I have been living like a nomad, moving from one place to another. Despite being a landlord, sad to say, I have not stayed in any of the properties I bought. Finally, with my dearest partner, Ryan, my dream came true this year.

Infact many things came true this year,

Alpha Marketing was invited to exhibit at Marina Bay Sands - SMART Investment Expo this year. And we did not pay a single cent for the booth. We were invited, yeah, it was that great!

Ryan & Myself - Business Partners for life

Our booth was one of the most visited booth as we offer free maps and people going through our books and stop to talk to us about real estate in Malaysia.

Thomas Ong & Stephanie Ong, Malaysia Commercial Property Tycoon. Very nice couple too.

Hubert Ong, Thomas Ong & Desmond Lin - MISS members

Our banner is right behind the podium, even SMART Expo colour is the same as Alpha.

Thomas speaking on stage

A strong crowd of more than 200 people stayed back to listen to Thomas

Volunteers for the day. Yang Loong & Valen
Due to very encouraging response from SMART Expo and request by members, we have decided to organise another property tour, and this is none other than Iskandar Malaysia. During the expo, I have about 4 - 5 Alpha Ambassadors to assist us in giving out fliers and explaning to people of what we do, and almost everyone who signed up as member, asked us about Iskandar. So, we thought, why not we visit Iskandar to see for ourselves! And the take up rate was very good, a lot were left dissapointed too cause I only have rooms for 35 pax. 
Recently we have been approached by a few developers from Malaysia asking if we could share their projects with our members. But we have been very very cautious of not accepting just any deals that being proposed as Ryan and I have a relatively strict criteria for our investors. Having done a few co-investment deals for the group, I think we are getting more comfortable now than 6 months ago when we started. Got a lot of contacts along the way and I am definitely looking forward to expand Alpha and grow my investor base.
When I first started investing in properties, I only wanted to own 5 properties before I turn 30 years old. I am 27 this year and well, I have 4 in Malaysia and 1 in Singapore. The secret is, never stop believing in your dream. 5 is nothing as compared to those who own 30 over properties but I dont think I want to play the number game, Five is good for now. My new resolution would be another Singapore property in the next 2 years. :)