Thursday, December 4, 2008


Just when you have everything in place, a plan, a formula to success, a burning desire, capital and support but

everything gone with a single answer,

"Sorry, we don't sublet half of the shop"

and the line went dead....

My heart dropped, my world almost collapsed *Metaphorically* and the desire to be an entrepreneur is gone with the wind...

Life is not a bed of roses, without failure, you cannot taste success.

Okay maybe it is not even a failure to start with since i haven't even started it. I can still pursue but now i need bigger capital and be bolder.

When the time is right and when I have executed it, I shall tell you what I am into. Small and insignificant business but if it pays the bill, it is still a business.

God, I know you are testing my endurance, strength and will. I shall persist and handle it differently for I know there are obstacles ahead of me. Thank you for the test, for I know life is not easy and I need time to grow up. Amen.

P/S: Bless my parents who are going Macau/Hong Kong tomorrow. Amen.


zephyros said...

not sure how the quote went exactly but roughly here is what i remembered.

When the light bulb was invented, a reporter asked Thomas Edison how he felt when he failed 1000 times.

and he replied, "I did not fail 1000 times. I just found how NOT to invent a light bulb 1000 ways."

or something like that. Don't take a failure as a bad thing. It's something you've learnt, to not do again! that's all :D