Wednesday, December 3, 2008

7 Days

Seven more days, I shall kiss my P3 paper goodbye and hello freedom.... for a just month >.< before January kicks in and start yet another round of hectic adventure of studying, working and spending times with love ones.

These few days I have been thinking of setting up a business, a real conventional kind of business, brick and mortar not online. My online blog is running okay, with an average of sales of one bag but since everyone is picking up the trend and given the low barrier of entry, orders are pretty slow.

I slept at 4.30am this morning, no, not cause i was studying but I was too engrossed in the planning of my new business. Yesterday, i called up the suppliers and made appointments with some people who are already in the business. My budgetting is almost done but am sorting out the location. Got a few agent's contact but am hoping to sublet a small portion of the shop rather a whole shop by myself.

As i was preparing my business case, I thank Mr Marty Windle!, my P3 lecturer, somehow all the business model that i've learned suddenly makes sense! Hahhaha

I've talked to Alec about this, and he supported my decision but he sure doubts if this fire in me will keep on burning. One thing though, I wont be here to oversee the business. But if this really worked, then I have less one burden off my shoulder. I sure pray it does cause I would be investing my life savings in this, a risk that I must take or risk not taking it.

If I failed *touched wood* I still have plenty of time to rise again.

God, give me the strength and wisdom to tackle this, you have been there all this while, guiding me to the right path, now give me the strength to be brave and confident in what I see a future for my family. Amen!