Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sponsor a kid to swim

Not everyone in life is as lucky as you and I. Yes, You! who are reading this online in an air-conditioner room with music blasting at the background.

I count myself lucky cause I grew up in a wonderful environment with a supportive family who has guided and brought me up well.

Secondly, I was privileged enough to get a full scholarship/sponsorship from The Star for my education at Nilai International University College, a sponsorship that has totally changed my life.

For that, I have always look for opportunity to contribute back to the society. However, due to my 'business/entrepreneurial/money-minded' nature, I always fill my empty slots for 'money making time' so, naturally it became hard for me to be physically there for charitable work cause I have work, business and studies to take care of. (Not an excuse I know but, seriously try to be in my shoe for one day and You will know how it is like).

Thanks to EJ for taking an initiative to organise a 'Swim for a Charity', (in which I've added the agenda of 'Sponsor a kid to swim' instead, Yes EJ, I must take ownership of my idea :P).

We are still in the midst of looking for charitable organisation to donate to and perhaps a trip down to the orphanage to let them taste MY DRINKZ bubble tea! Hey not a publicity stunt okay, though I do admit, there is a little to it :P.

Here are the details.

Charitable Organisation: Still looking. (PJ Area, any organisation in mind?)

Pool: Pelangi Utama Block A,B,C Swimming Pool, Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya,


Instructor/Host: EJ - 0163533555


Fee/Donation: RM30 for 2 hours of class.

(You can sponsor a kid to swim or learn swimming yourself! )

Campaign period: 1 Aug to 30 Aug 2009.

Target Collection: RM1,500

Who can join?: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance Swimmer (age 4 to 60 years old).

Book your time in facebook!

So, do your part in making this happen!

P/S: You are also welcome to sponsor swim wear/goggle for the kids you are sponsoring. All in the name of charity.


E J said...

Thanks for your strong support Melissa! great great job on the publicity~ hope your drinkerz love to do charity too! :D lots of love....

Anonymous said...

hey sponsor me to swim too, i pun tak tau swim la.....

SayangSam said...

When is the event date? I would like to sponser the kids. Let me know ya