Monday, July 13, 2009

Good Staff

Rule number one of doing business, hire competent and good staff.

Thankfully I only have 1 staff under me who is very competent of course, so not ranting on my own staff but rather on others.

Yesterday, I approach a small and medium size outlet and asked if they wholesale/supply certain products to me on a long-term basis. I am very sure they do cause gut feelings told me so and being a retail outlet, generally they are more than happy to do long term business because there is where the money is.

But this supervisor aunty whom I spoke to, gave me a blank and unapproving look. Seriously if you are the owner of the place, you would have welcomed me with open arms and say YES We do, though sometimes they don't. Anyways, she firmly said they don't, so I demand for the boss's number cause I know she is trying to minimise her responsibilities. More orders, more work for her.

Then this morning, another supplier replied me via email and said, they only supply to events but not to retails on a daily basis. I was erm..., you do delivery, but you only do one off, where your sales will only be worth one day of sales rather than everyday sales. And she doesn't even provide me with solution or alternative.

For a typical business owner, you would have suggested other ways, like supplying for alternate days or come up with some arrange for both parties. Or at least have the courtesy to apologised for not able to help.

So, rule number one, always, always hire staff who can perform despite having to pay them more.

P/S: I realised Msian suppliers are more accommodating and would try their best to close the deal, very different with Singapore based companies.