Monday, July 20, 2009

New Logo

One month ago.......

One and a half month later.....
Step by Step.... and I will be there....


Just now I went out for a business discussion and a round of golf with my ex-colleague (driving range only nia). He was involved in a lot of business venture before joining audit (to kill time, i presume). So he showed me sooo many SOP (Some real franchise... read Mc ....) for all the other businesses that he did and wow, I am IMPRESSED how a REAL franchise is run.

Now am having second thoughts of my plan in Singapore. Too much capital involved and too risky and the return may not justify my time and capital. ROI is too marginal.

Then I came back home and keep on talking about business with Alec.

He was annoyed, initially I thought he was angry cause i went out with a male friend.

BUT, he wasnt.

He was annoyed cause I have been talking business with him for the past 2 weekends. (>.<)