Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Bf

Do you have a bf who sacrifices an opportunity to further his career to greater heights with a lot perks & $$ offered when you just say "Don't leave me alone?"cause his new career will required intensive travelling and a long period away from each other.

Do you have a bf who nurse you to health when you are sick for 3 weeks, preparing meals, soup and medicine for you at 3 o'clock in the morning, not for a day or two but for 3 freaking weeks. At the same time, had to endure your annoying cough that last for 2 minutes at any point of time when he is in a deep deep slumber.

Do you have a bf who purposely travelled all the way from Serangoon to Raffles Place to get you this wonderful bonquet of chocolates then travelled back to Bishan just to surprise you.

Do you have a bf who has just sent you home from KL to Kajang in the afternoon, then surprises you again by knocking at your door at night (travelling from Kepong to Kajang) cause you said you were hungry and wanted to eat supper but lazy wanna drive out to eat. Not once or twice but a number of times, now I dare not Dare him to come down to Kajang anymore, cause he makes good of his promises.

Do you have a bf who forgo his love for durian cause you cant stand the smell?

Do you have a bf who asked his mum not to cook pork or chicken drumstick/wings cause you only eat chicken breast meat?

Do you have a bf who puts you first, ahead of everything else and by a ring of a bell, he comes right to you to attend your whatever nonsense.

Do you have such a bf?

I do. :)


zephyros said...

wohoo time to rub it in!

i flew back from USA cause my gf was not feeling well

I drove from kl to JB cause she missed some fish ball from there

i looked around town for almost 3 hours looking for some particular lilies cause she loves them

HAHAHAH ok ok let u go d LOL XD

Chess Gal said...

wow zephyros... i salute u!