Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Proposal

Friday 31st of October 2008 started out an extremely tense n stressful day, as it was the day of my final CPA exam after 2.5 trying years. Jim had his own stresses as well.

That very afternoon at 12pm when i was on my way out for the exam, Jim msged me and said "dear, can you take a cab to the botanical gardens after your exam. There's a flower festival there and its supposedly very nice".

Me, being a rather suspicious creature, started getting suspicious. So i replied him to say "Hmm i'm getting suspicious." Then he replied and said "Since its ur last exam, i wana make u feel relieved and relaxed. And since u complain i hardly take u out (which is true hehe) and there's a flower show, thought we can check it out".

So i didn't think much of it. And anyway, i was busy thinking abt my immediate exam.

So after the exam, i took a cab and called him to ask where he was. He said he was already there, saving seats for the flower show. So i got there and called him. He said "i can't get up frm my seat, otherwise we would lose our seats". So he asked me to get a map frm the reception and get to "palm valley".

Well, my directions aren't particularly good so i took pretty long to get anywhere near "palm valley". So Jim called me to ask where i was and eventually guided me to where he was waiting. At the bottom of the slope of Palm Valley.

When I found him, he said that he got someone to reserve our seats so he could find me. So we walked up the slope (it was a wide open field) and he kept talking on how it was really hot but ppl were saying that this flower show was really something. So as we walked n talked, we approached little white flowers on the grass which spelled my initials "YY".

I was shocked and said "errr....what is this??" "Where's the festival?" And he kinda just ignored what i said and we kept walking. As we kept walking, i saw more flowers in pink spelling the word "WILL".

Then further up, "YOU" ........... "MARRY".......... "ME".........."JJ" (His initials). The words were all made up of different coloured artifical roses. He later told me he bought 150 of them.

Then he asked me to turn ard, with my back facing him. He asked me to close me eyes so i did. then he handed me a bouquet of red and white roses. Then he asked me turn ard facing him. Then he took out a small ring box and he opened it and said "This is for you".

I was stunned that the box inside had the brand imprinted on it "King Fatt Jewellery" (Something like that, can't memba the name specifically). And the ring looked like a 1 dollar mood ring with white spots ard it. Rather ugly and a cheapo chinaman brand!! (Trust his humour hey) :)

Then finally, he took out the "real" ring and went down on one knee and proposed. So i said "yes" and he put the pretty diamond ring on my finger :)


Congratulation Yu Yen!!!!