Thursday, January 1, 2009

A New Year

Singapore is such a great place to be in!

Why so?

Cause people here are just so honest and kind!

Last night, Alec parked his bike opposite Cineplex and since we were pretty late for our dinner appointment with Lee Yen, both of us never bother to see if we left anything on the bike.

The buffet spread at Sakura International was okay, considering the fact the price was just $32 per pax including tax. Though I did expect more of a variety.

After the sumptuous dinner, Sandy called and asked us to meet her in City Hall. Since it was already past 10, Alec has got to change his parking ticket.

Alec dig his pocket, not there, deeper, nope, not there, another pocket, NOT THERE. Then a suddenly we realised that, CRAP! we've lost the bike's key!

Frantically, we looked around the restaurant, the pathway, around the bike even asking some of the policemen around.

No Luck.

It was New Year's eve and tomorrow's a holiday, how on earth can we get a locksmith?

I was very pissed at Alec at that point, my Christmas eve was spoilt due to system breakdown at the airport now this nonsense came up.

I know it was no fault of his but Melissa is a meanie bitch when someone screws her plan. Since, nothing can be done, we went ahead to see fireworks at esplanade, but my anger was nonetheless still boiling.

After the fireworks, I really had no mood to party and we went back to Orchard to check on the bike, hoping a miracle would happen.

And guess what? It did!

Some GOOD SAMARITAN actually found the key and clipped it around the handle.

Such joy! I thought it was a bad omen to have lost something to welcome the new year but guessed the bad luck was in 2008 and 2009 saved the day!

To whoever you are,


You have just saved a relationship :P.

P/S: I have a share in that bike too, hence was anxious and worried.

P/S/S: Both of this ladies are my best buddies.

Sandy in formal, Me & Lee Yen in casual


zephyros said...

breath~ there are too many things in life that requires ur fullest attention and wasting those energy into being frustrated and angry is totally NOT worth it.

1) you'll say things you'll regret
2) you'll do things you'll regret
3) your face will get red and you'll get all hot and start to sweat - eewww
4) you'll get wrinkles faster
5) you'll get heart attack and high blood pressure faster
6) being angry makes u lose your common sense, sometimes the answer could be have slapped u right in the face and you'll still miss it because ur busy being angry
7) somethings happen for a reason. just take it casually. for example, recently my friend had a flat on the highway. he had to fix his tyre in the hot afternoon sun for a good 30 minutes. when he continued his journey he saw an accident, really bad one. Imagine this, if he was not delayed for that 30 minutes, that could have been him.

life is already long or short (depending on how u wanna look at it) enough. why spend the time being angry. be happy, smile more, look pretty and enjoy whatever life throws at you. just blow if off your shoulder if it's something u don't like and say, "whatever, i'm better than that"