Sunday, January 18, 2009


I grew up in a medium class family where my parents hardly pamper us with branded stuff, my very first Coach bag was a gift from my uncle and from that moment, I was introduced into the world of high-end bags and seriously, they are highly addictive.

Being in Singapore for just 1.5 years, my collection grew from ONE Coach bag, to three coach bags, one Coach wristlet, one burberry wristlet, one blue label burberry reversible tote, guess wallets (okay la, this not so atas, gave to mum subsequently cause dont like to use long wallet)and now am aiming to get a gucci wristlet.

OMG, before I came to this city of lion, I used to think who the hell would spend so much on bags! Never I know that I would become one.

Apart from branded bags, am also infected by the highly contagious habit of impulsive shopping. I USED to save a lot during my college time, a damn cheapskate girl but crap, now I used more than I save! My first year of working in KL, i spent RM12k on my plastic card!! crap, once I came here, I cut off my card immediately for I know I will keep using it!

And guess what, I bought these yesterday.... just for fun (Okay la.. Alec's sharing with me but I havent pay him back hahahah)...

played with it yesterday and this morning... kinda ichy... result?? hmm let me re-measure my waist one month later.


Ej said...

Do update us on the Uzap. Should do a 'before & after' photo too lol. But highly doubt you're that fat that it'd show any results anyway.