Monday, March 9, 2009


Being in Singapore for close to 2 years, I have pretty much accustomed myself to the way Singaporean behaves, a sudden change to how idiotic and pariah some Malaysian behave in public can seriously drive the nuts out of my head.

My maternal grandfather came over to stay with my parents over the weekend and since I am hardly at home to accompany him, I treated my family to a movie outing at Cheras Selatan. The movie was Kung Fu Chef, I know, I know the title itself sounds so so pathetic but I have to choose a simple Chinese Movie so my grandpa can actually enjoy it, plus, Kung Fu is always a hit with the older people.

The movie was as expected, boring, but what annoyed me was the family sitting behind us! The father was practically mockering the whole bloody script and laughed as if he owned the cinema. He was at the same time, kicking my sister's seat. If she have told me much earlier, I could have given him a good sounding.

I shesshed and stared at him a few times but heck, this kind of people just cant keep their voice down. At the end, we just ignored them.... not worth spoiling a happy occassion with this kind of pariah people.

Anyway, Snowy is soooo cute! Mum just trimmed his hair and he looks so thin! Lucky is less aggressive this time, the tumor on his paw is looking slightly better, dont think we can get him to a vet, I bet he would kill the vet before they can even remove the tumor.

Tomorrow was suppose to be my day off, but I still have to call the client wayback in Singapore for some discussion... Hmm.. roaming charges....wonder can I get a reimbursement? Oh NVM... I have plenty of credit anyway...

Anyway Alec is getting slimmer and I bet his six packs is coming soon! And gosh, I think he is getting handsome too!! Hahaha... the best among my ex-bfs :P.

Smart - Checked
Looks - DOuble checked
Height - Checked
Weight - Checked
Sense of DIrection - Tripple checked
Sense of Humor - Average
Ambitious - needs improvement
Cleanliness - Checked
Housework/Cooking - DOuble Checked
Ability to play chess - needs improvement
Money in the bank - needs tremendous improvement :P

I need a rest now... goodnight....


Johnny Ong said...

i had my fair share of facing such character in cinema too. snobbish and acted as if he was right