Saturday, March 28, 2009

Earth Hour?

As am typing this entry, I am suppose to off all electricy and observe the Earth Hour day, I did turn off my living room light so I think that counts but seriously can turning off electricity for just 60 mins save the earth?

First and foremost, electricity in Msia is generated from Hydro-electric so in essence, hydroelectric is a renewable source of energy. Any polution to the environment? Erm, apart from the de-forestation during the construction of the dam, i think no. Or maybe the heat/smoke emission from certain electrical appliances like air-conditioner, okay so CFC is erosing the ozone layer, I agree but switching off lights at night is just sortta like a publicity stunt. I dont know but I think so. But since Singapore power supply generated from gas, so probably Singapore should indeed switch off the light to save but anyway, thats not my point.

My point is that the awareness should be something realistic but not just a one-off event as if some celebration of sort. For long, I have alw observed how ladies are killing millions of tree in the ladies. Once they get off the sink, they head right to the tissue dispenser and start pulling sheets and sheets of tissue just to wipe their hands. The amount of tissue that they took probably can have themselves wrapped up like a mummy. It is not as if they would use every sheet but crumple it up and only the first two sheets are used.

Secondly, in the cubicle, okay perhaps I was too bored so my hearing tends to be sharper and I can hear the lady next door did the same thing, this time more tissue i think cause i can easily guess from the time she start pulling it until i'm done with my business, she is still pulling the tissue from the roller.

Then comes water, my office's ladies had this faulty tap where, once you press it, you cant get it back up (in fact you can, but not many ppl know the right technique). So the water would keep on flowing for the whole bloody day and noone gives a damn until i highlight it to the cleaner. This happened thrice when I pass by the ladies.

So if all of us do a little part by being more tactful in using public amenities, i bet we can save whole a lot of trees and water.

P/S: Perhaps I can suggest to my firm to put up a sign "only take what you need" on the tissue dispenser.


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