Thursday, March 26, 2009

Slowly liking my curls


Camwhore 1

Camwhore 2

It has been a month since I last step into the gym and yesterday I weight myself, expecting it to go up to 50kg but it didn't. It stopped at 48kg :D.

Oh when can I get to 45kg again?

The heaviest I went was 51kg, back in college when I was still with my first ex who was also slightly overweight. I stuffed myself silly so that we look compatible.

After we broke up, I started exercising excessively and I went down to 44kg in a month. I think I had a mild aneroxic back then cause I would feel hungry but when I see food, I feel like throwing out. Then it hit me, the doctor said I had low blood pressure and was denied twice for a blood donation for being underweight.

I cut down on my exercise and my weight went up to 45-47kg.

Now am at 48kg... Sigh my BMI is currently at 19.2 :(. Do the maths if you want to know how petite (Short) I am :P.