Sunday, March 15, 2009

A gift

Remember the surprise Alec gave me on my birthday?

So yeah, there was a story behind it...

As you probably aware, I sell Coach bags on But now I outsourced it to Alec cause I simply do not have time to do it anymore and trust me, it is pretty exhausting dealing with customers and suppliers (aka friends in US). And so, he knows how to get me Coach bags at discounted prices.

I have been eyeing this bag for a while but I've wanted the bigger ones.

I did not in anyway hinted that I wanted this bag cause I simply do have too many coach bags (well i am not sick of it though). So, when he showed me this bag online, I just nodded oh.. Nice, I like this bag. Period. Full stop.

Alec being a nice bf he is, order it right away but sadly, the berry colour that I like, sold out in retail stores.

Usually our letters and parcels are sent to Alec's uncles place, considering the fact that we don't have a permanent residence and to save us the trouble of having to change our mailing address if we were to move again. Alec uncle sent a sms to him, asking him to collect the parcel, and coincidently i read the message, so I asked, what parcel was that? He quickly said it was an order from his brother for his gf.

I did not bother to enquire much, but after 1 week, he still hasnt collect the parcel and I kept reminding him to collect it. So, he put up a show and brought me to his uncle place, pretending to collect the parcel while i waited at the foot of the flat.

He came down and said Uncle lost the postman slip (to collect the parcel from the post office). At that point, I still havent sense anything but kept pestering him to collect from the post office as am afraid the parcel will be sent back to US.

Alec, on the other hand, thought I knew the parcel was for me and thought i purposely tried to burst his bubble, but in actual fact i was as blur as sotong.

Then on the eve of my birthday, he surprised me with the gift and well, of course i was over the moon! He is pretty tight on cash and yet he splurge so much on the girl he loves!

Thanks honey, regardless of what you bought for me, I wont get you that Tag Heuer watch!