Saturday, August 9, 2008


Angry Post Ahead!

Mathematical Question

5 persons staying = SGD100 for 30 days
1 person staying = x for 2 days?

SGD100/30 = SGD 3.33 per day (A)

(A)/5 persons = SGD 0.67

So, One person * 2days = SGD 0.67 * 2 = SGD 1.33


And my so called Finance Accounts Housemate charged me SGD10 for my sister to stay over the night.

SGD 10 = SGD 1.33 = SGD 8.67.

Not that I mind paying that SGD 10 at all, what is SGD10 man...!

The thing that irks me is that she said the additional is for the utilities, eg again

Usually we pay SGD20 per person (100/5) and with an additional person coming in for a few days maybe the utilities will go out by maybe the the utilities goes up by SGD105. So by right, she has to cover the extra SGD5 right while the rest of us pay the normal usual SGD 20. BUT NO! She wants to take advantage of the situation

Bill = SGD 105 / 5 = SGD 21
5 person pays SGD 21
Then I pay another 5 on top of the 21 = SGD 26
21 * 4 = 84 + 26 = 110

PROFIT = SGD110-SGD105 = SGD5!

NO OF COURSE I DON'T MIND PAYING THAT EXTRA.. WHAT IS SGD5 compared to my pay. I can bet my pay is ONE and a HALF higher that hers, so I dont mind. Being late 20s and taking advantage of a girl like me, 23 years old over a measly matter? Crap man... you lose my respect!

I am so going to move again once my contract ends! The place stinks like crap!