Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Long distance relationship

“Distance makes the heart grows fonder”

True to a certain extent but not entirely true for certain people.

Being away from my family, makes me cherish every moment being at home. I appreciate my Mother’s cooking more, I nag at my sisters lesser, I look forward to Dad’s daily jokes and I love them even more.

The other day, Alec dropped a bombshell, he wants to go back to Malaysia to WORK! *Blink Blink*

Wooorrrkkk?? In MMaallayyssiaaa??

“You must be kidding me”, I said.

Apparently there is an opening in Haliburdon, a well-known Oil and Gas Company in the World and he wants to give it a try.

Oil and Gas industry pays a lot, especially when you are based off shore. The basic may not be very high but the daily allowance is. Of course, the high allowance comes with a price, Your Life on the oil rig!

Alec has been hinting that he wishes to go into the Oil and Gas Industry, solely cause the pay is good.

In fact, Alec has super lotsa dreams to start of with.

Once, he wanted to be a stock broker or investor, but lacks the stock market knowledge and don’t know where to start. I suggest him to buy a good book to read, but he hates reading, okay Fine. Then he came across all those stock training classes cost thousands of dollar for just a few hours of class, but he doesn’t want to spend so much, afraid that it may not pay off. So that dream is once again buried under the deep blue sea.

Secondly, he wants to be an Auditor or Banker, but again lacks the knowledge and the thought of going back to studies turns him really OFF. So again, OUT.

Thirdly, he wants to be a PILOT! One of his school mate is now a pilot with SIA, and for him, being a Pilot looks kind of cool. Again, Pilot needs constant training and sits for lots of exam. And

Again, that turns him OFF.

Now, he wants to be based on Oil Rig!

Okay, the topic today is nothing to do with my dear Alec’s dream but Long Distance Relationship.

Will it work?

Yes, it will but not for me!

I was in a long distance relationship before, my then bf was in Sabah, whereas I was in Kajang. He refuses to settle down in KL, whereas I refused to go over to Sabah. So in the end, the game ended in stalemate, no winner, no loser. Status Quo.

Engaging in a long distance relationship works when you are a student, but not when you are working. Being a student, you still have a bunch of friends and endless assignments to keep you occupy.

During the semester break, you can go over to your bf place for a holiday.

In contrast, your colleague may not be your friends. The office is not a fair play field, you do a good job but your effort may not be recognized. You felt depressed, but there is no one that you can turn to. (If you work in a 8-5 job, then worst, nothing to do… your lil lonely heart will stray).

You called your bf, but your bf is equally busy. He is also depressed as well. At the end, you swallow the bitter pill yourself. You called your bf lesser, the distance grows further, your love for each other fades each day. So, how?

Break Up Lor.


This message is brought to you by Chessgal to Alec Soong.