Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bubble Tea

I have just moved (again). After months of searching for the perfect home (or room), finally I have found one! Strategically located in Bishan, just a few stops away from Junction 8, plenty of buses to J8, wet market, convenient shops, salon, ATM machines, bakeries, food court and last but not least, my favorite BUBBLE TEA stall.

Bubble tea is still a craze here maybe because it is relatively affordable compared to Malaysia, a dollar to dollar comparison, $1.50 to RM3.00. When bubble tea was first introduced in Malaysia many years back, it was priced at around RM2.50 to RM3.00 for premium mixed. My sisters love bubble tea and usually after our tae-kwon-do training, I would treat them to bubble tea. That time I was just 14 years old, and I can’t afford to buy two cups of bubble tea so the three of us would share one cup of bubble tea.

Then after the little treat, they have to wait outside the Yamaha school while I attend my piano class. Michelle was just 11 years old, while Madeline was 7 years old. Sometimes, they do get restless but since both my parents were working, I have no choice but to care and bring them along for my activities. Then after my piano class, the three of us would walk to the bus stop to wait for bus and after alighting we have to walk about 1.5km under the scorching sun or heavy downpour. If my mum was to come back early, then I would bring them to the Kajang Library to wait for her.

Looking back, this is how my parent trained me to become the eldest daughter, a role model to my sisters. My parents gave me full authority over my sisters and my sisters were frightened of me than of my parents. Thankfully over the years, my tough love seems to produce results. Michelle developed from a slow learner to be one of the top girl in her college, Madeline, on the other hand, still lazy as usual but has developed great charisma and leadership skill by spearheading her cheerleader team, being a dance instructor for her dance school and the selected as the Youth representative for our Church.

Ah…. so much for a cup of bubble tea. Hahaha…