Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mentally Challenged

Today I saw a mentally challenged kid on the bus on my way home. He looks normal, no visible sign that he was mentally incapable and probably in his teens. The thing that draws the crowd's attention was that he keeps clapping and being overly excited once the bus moves. He was laughing and smiling from ears to ears as the bus speeds up.

Perhaps he was happy looking at moving vehicles, moving objects and people on the streets.

Perhaps he wasnt allowed to go out very often hence the excitement.

When it was his turn to alight, his elder brother dashed out just like that, the kid realising his brother had gotten down, frantically ran down the bus to catch up with his brother.

How could an elder brother just leave his incapable brother behind? I just don't get it.

If you cant take care of your brother, don't bring him out.

If you cant be a good leader, dont bloody lead.

I hate bad leaders, just like how I hate Msian 'Gahmen' Leaders.