Friday, October 17, 2008


Just got a few feedbacks from my colleague and friends.

1. You look different these couple of weeks
Yes, cause I just rebonded my hair and added a few dress to my collection.

2. Your friendster/facebook/msn picture damn hiau! (Slutty).
Hahaha, having that nerdy look for the past 22 years, I think it is time to shed that nerdiness in me.

3. Are like changing your career path to become a model.
I wish!!!!! If I have the look, the height and the confidence, I wont be a Corporate slave by now. Those potraits are just for safekeeping, plus I got it for free. You know Melissa cant reject free stuff.

Btw, Alec has been requesting me to audition for some freelance modelling job,

I think Alec needs to have his eyes checked.

4. When are you resigning from Audit?
Not yet my dear. I love audit, having to profess my love for audit don’t make me a technically sound auditor. I am still learning.

5. Hardly see you on MSN nowadays, busy?
Yeah quite busy, left my laptop in office most of the nights.

Any more feedbacks?