Sunday, October 5, 2008

Singapore Motorshow

Just back from the Singapore Motorshow.

And guess what, I was in one of the stuntman's car for a spin, not one but several spins!!

Ohmygawh,... such an adrenaline rush! The moment the driver starts drifting, or sort of drifting, where he speed up then jammed brake... my heart almost fell out..

I have never been in a sports car before, the sportiest car was my mum's V6 Perdana and my %$#$!!@ ex-bf's Audi. But they have never drove like this before (obviously).



I have recorded a few video of the stunts performed, will upload it later cause my lappie just got reformatted and I dun have the programme to run the videos now.


There were obviously a lot of pretty chicks around and Alec cant help but keep snapping pictures of the 'cun' (pretty in malay) babes away, leaving his dear companion aside despite dressing like a peacock.


Then there was a simulation cycling competition, Alec being a bicycle freak when he was younger decided to give it a try, curiousity gets the better of me, so, I also signed up for the competition despite am wearing a super tiny micro mini skirt.

AT the end, Alec won the men cycling event for 1.5km in 2 mins 33 seconds, whereas I won the ladies event for 1.5km in 3 mins 25 seconds. Not too bad for newbies like me who doesnt even know how does the bicycle gears work.

Sadly the prize won was only t-shirts, caps and bottles, but the pride of being crowned the champion... Priceless.. hahahha...

Will upload more pictures later... need to get some beauty sleep now...