Sunday, July 27, 2008

Me Heart Me Phone

I am still in love with my handphone!

I get bored with things easily but it has been a week and am still not getting enough with it. I dont usually carry my hp around, when am home, I'll tossed it one side. If i go back to msia, you wont be able to get me at all cause i'll forget to bring it back.

But with my sony girl, i religiously check on it every other minute for sms or just to play The Sims.

She even sleeps with me!! My Razr and HP are not so fortunate. The PDA that I bought only lasted for 3 days, then I stuffed it in my drawer cause the keyboard is bloody difficult to use and the battery runs dry very fast.

My Razr, got it from a friend. Was okay and pretty tough. I dropped it multiple times but the hp is still in tact. However, lately, the battery has been acting up, thus the decision to put my Razr to a retirement.

I love you sony girl!