Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I so like my header

"Self praise is universal disgrace" My grandma always reminds me.

But I am so in love with my self-pictured header! Hahahaha.. Okay, I am not exceptionally pretty nor photogenic but I like the embroidery very very much (Not my face kay). It was done on my pillow case.

Tho a lil bit pricey, S$19.90 for one plain piece of pillow case, but I think the workmanship is pretty nice.

I also got another piece for the you know who, but too lazy to take photo of his pillow case :P.

My ACCA class has started and time to get even busier now, gosh... I hate classes!

On my diet progress, hmm.. no progress at all. Still stays at 49kg and Alec has been sending warning letter to me, red-flagging the expanding waist line and my couldn't-be-bothered attitude. BUT, in the past three days, I only have cereals for dinner (I know it meant for breakfast but I just wanted a switch).

Maybe cause I have been working quite late these days and too lazy to get food on the way home. Plus, Alec is not too keen to accompany me for supper cause he has been throwing tantrum at me for spending too much time with work instead of with him.

SO, instead dining alone, I rather drink milk. Let's just see how long can I sustain this cereal eating habit, I can bet it wont be long... ahhaha..

P/S: Despite Alec treats me like crap, but , I think he's casted a spell on me! Hahaha... OKay, the truth... he treats me like a Princess while I treat him like dirt....hahaha

I am so going to get into trouble when he reads this.