Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My View on Singaporean

Being here for a year plus, I have noticed quite a bit of differences between the Singaporean and Malaysian. Or maybe not a bit, but a lot.

Singaporean loves to:

1. Use the word 'Arrow' to indicate being held responsible for some task.
eg. Wah, I got no time, don't arrow me.

2. Pronounce Genting as 'Jenting', cause 'Gen' being pronounce like 'Jen', hence the Jenting. Malaysian pronounce it as 'Gern'ting.

3. Use abbreviation in conversation or shorten a certain word,
eg. That dress is very 'ex', that dress is very EXPENSIVE.

4. Use the word 'chio', which means cute.

5. Use the word 'chiongster' to describe a frequent clubber.

6. Use the word 'Smoke' to indicate bluffing. Eg. 'You dont smoke me la, I know the sky is blue'.