Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I've found a photographer!

Yesh yesh yesh!

Found one photographer who is not only sooooo accommodating but also willing to do a free of charge photoshot with me!!!

Joyce is so sweet in his email:

I pulled some strings and I'll be free on Monday ifyou take me (please do!). Otherwise, life goes on asusual.

Here's my proposal (with a lot of assumptions based onwhat's in your blog): Since it's a memory thing, it'll be pointless to takeyour portraits in studio or anywhere you didn't spentmuch time at. You're not too fond of where you stayed too (:P) sothe best place would be the places you worked at, thelatest one being Ikea in Cineleisure (please tell meI'm right about the location).

You'll have to dress like the professional you, youknow, since you have (or had?) a demanding career inthose places. Probably a briefcase as well with acalculator in hand, for a "candid" shot. We'll discussmore about this in further discussion. :D

If time allows, we can do more: places with yourfavorite food, your classes, gym you frequent, withyour boyfriend, or maybe you posing with a Queen aswell. :) How many hours you're planning to spend on takingphotos?

Have to make a plan ahead so you don't missyour flight or something. If you don't mind waking upreally early we might even get to catch sunrise aswell. xD Oh by the way, when I said I'll be free on Monday ifyou're taking me, I meant free of charge as well (sotake me please!). I never charged a single cent for memorable events ormemory-related things like wedding or 21st birthdaybash, because it'll take the fun or meaning out of it.

I only charge those who wants a specific "random"portrait just for the sake of having one. :) The latest one I did was a farewell for a friend atairport. You can see it in(http://joyce-tedoen.com/2008/07/17/bye-alex/).

Ofcourse for yours we won't be doing such extensivestuff. Let me know what you think!

Oh my gosh...Of course i'll take you! No need to pay eh... hahaha...

Aiseh, next time my sister birthday can call this photographer ady...

Oh my gosh... happy sial!