Sunday, September 28, 2008

Singapore F1 Night Race

The very much rave about event has finally come to a close. It was also my very first F1 experience

at Home.

In front of a TV.

On channel 5.

Thanks to Mr Smarty who never fails to entertain my non-stop interviewing session like..

Where is Hamilton from?

Who is Massa?
(A Ferrari driver who gained the first grid position at the finals)

Why is Najima not representing Honda?
(No idea)

What is a safety car?
(A car that comes out during accidents to stop the race and slows down drivers while the clearing the track)

How many times can the racer stop at the Pit Stop?
(As many as they wish)

Who is currently leading?

Which country is Renault from?

Is Ferrari an Italy or Spain team?
(...Alec laughed his lungs out and said SIngapore, see I knew it was Singapore, the symbolic red colour and I am suspecting it must be owned by Singtel too!!! otherwise why bother to sponsor when you have no racer participating???)

(After googling... it is Italy)

Is US competing?
(No, FI is not a sport to them, going into credit crunch is..)

Why is Malaysia team not competiting??
(Cause Alec is in Singapore, they cant get a competent driver like him)

Why is F1 so popular?
(Cause it brings tourism to the participating countries)

See, Alec is such a smartalek!

After watching cars and cars going round the circuit, I must said that I enjoyed watching crashes and dramas than pure driving.

The tracks in Singapore is pretty narrow hence overtaking is pretty tough and dangerous. So it all boils down to your starting position and maintaining that position until the end.

Massa was the favourite of the crowd, securing a comfortable first grid position and he was doing pretty well, until the first crash happened.

Nelson Piquet (Renault) crashed into the barrier during the 15-16 laps, Massa lead the cars into the pit box.

That is when all the drama starts my friend. Massa obtained a green light to move on, but sadly the fuel hose was still attached and he drove it away without noticing it until a bit too late.

Precious time were wasted, I guessed he has lost about 20-25 seconds as his fellow team came running to his aid to pull out the fuel hose. Every second counts, so that left him with a dissapointing last position. On top of that, he was penalised 10 seconds for hazard driving at the pit area.

Poor Ferrari mechanic tripped over the fuel hose as Massa speed away. Such a drama on my first F1 race!

Then Nelson, who crashed out earlier, went to the spectator to throw his gloves to the crowd, but his bad luck didnt end at the track. Strong wind blew his gloves down to the river.

Wait a minute, should he be fined for littering??? It was caught on the national TV!

Massa suffered similar fate, he had a small crashed at a corner but managed to regain his position to go on. But Force India team, Adrian Sutil, crashed at the same corner and there were fire coming out from his engine (small fire only... cheh).

Massa then passed on his bad luck to his fellow team mate, Raikonen. The last crucial four laps, where he was fifth, crashed out giving Ferrari no points in the first Singapore night race.

At the end, Alonso, who started with a 14th position topped the race.

That's all for now, reporting live from the comfy room at Ang Mo Kio :P


zephyros said...

thank you for the live broadcast LOL