Monday, September 22, 2008


My cough started 2 weeks ago, but I cant afford the time to see the doc, cause the stupid queue is always soo blardy long!

Just 5 patients, I have to wait 1 and a half hours.

But my cough is killing me, it is annoying and irritating.

I cant engage in a proper conversation with my client and colleague.

So finally, I went to a doctor last Friday.

Cough continues and lost my voice over the weekend, So i took today off to see another doctor again.

But both gave me the same exact medicine.. -_-!!

I've swallowed so much of pills that my tougue taste bitter.... I feel drowsy too.....

I want pizza.....I want my voice back!


zephyros said...

lemon + honey, warm.

also u can try swallowing some manuka honey umf20+. after swallowing don't drink any water for a while, let the honey work it's way down your throat first. avoid talking if u can because you'll just strain your already swollen throat

Chess Gal said...

thanks zephyos, getting better now... :)